Tour de Fleece (and other news)

Finally! Some fiber related stuff! It’s Tour de Fleece and I’m so busy I’m making very slow progress here. I guess it’s not so much about winning but about participating this year. So many incredibly exciting things are happening right now!

We’ve been working really hard on the interior at the moment, but here’s a little preview of what the shop looks like from the outside (right now). Today we stumbled on a little issue with the power, so tomorrow morning an electricien will come by to sort it out.

Next week we’ll receive a large shipment of yarns and there’s still so much left to do!

What we’re working on right now is building up the shelves to fit the yarns in. But overall there’s so much to do I don’t even want to think about it right now haha. Obviously there’s a lot of work to be done on the shop, but there’s also a lot of work to be done for the website/ Facebook etc. So overall there’s not a lot of time left for spinning.

When I do have time for spinning I’m distracted by these two funny guys.. *le sigh* oh well πŸ™‚ back to work for me πŸ˜‰

Happy spinning! <3

new beginnings

Now that I’m back (I do love repeating myself haha) again, maybe I should tell you all about the things I’ve been working on the past few months. I know I said I was going to blog twice a week but I made a joke about something, something became an actual thing, and then I got swept away in the madness. Obviously this was the time for Ma’iq to show real signs of teething and separation anxiety and I’ve been so overwhelmed I just took some personal time to get everything back in order.

So, first things first. I’m opening a yarn shop and today I received the keys, so the fun can begin! If you’re interested: here’s some of the details, but there’s more to follow as soon as I’ve started. The shop is located in the city center of Utrecht (Netherlands), on the Telingstraat 11. We’re going to be open on monday the 18th of July, but the grand opening is going to be in October! I have so many things I want to say and do, but I think the best way is to get the website/ social media up and running, so I’ll be sure to upload some pictures soon!

It all started out as a joke actually. Even though I’m very appreciative of the luxury position I’m in, I’m having a very hard time adjusting to a homebound life. I’ve always loved being at home, but I’ve always been able to just go out and do whatever I wanted. Obviously I’m not trying to be ungrateful, because, first of all, it’s all just temporary and I’m very lucky to have my sweet baby. On the other hand, since I wasn’t working I spent all my waking hours talking to somebody who only drools. I’m not a huge believer perse, but my star sign is gemini, and I’m a talker. I NEED to communicate with people. I love this blog (and it really sucked not being able to blog!!!) and I love talking to all of you, but it’s really hard not to have people to talk to, or just to listen. I missed listening haha.

Anyways, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I felt it was time for me to venture into the wild too. I need to talk to people, I need to blog and I need to *insert favorite fiber craft here*. So a yarn shop seemed like a good idea. My mom thought it was an awesome idea, so she decided to back me and here we are πŸ™‚


Guys, there’s a doodoo load of yarn coming my way and I’m so scared right now hahahaa!

So I’m currently working on the website and on the interior of the shop, but as soon as I get some of it done you can expect the first podcast to come online. I’m going to do a bi-weekly podcast, so yay!


So now that we’ve covered that, I’d like to show you some knitting πŸ™‚ I haven’t been knitting a great deal but I think I should show these here anyway πŸ™‚

I finished Ma’iqs little blankie! it’s actually not so little and it’s really, really warm and cozy! The center is still a little wobbly, but I didn’t block it, I just washed it. It was big enough as is, so I just let it be πŸ™‚

I’ve been working on the garden a bit, I moved a lot of pebbles around and I’ve managed to plant some things (in May)

So prior to removing the plastic I had never heard of “horsetail”, it’s a plant that’s related to the nettle and apparently it’s extremely hard to kill. I’m not really bothered by them, because it’s kind of cute I guess. I remove them when they get too big and they end up on the compost heap. The story goes that the plant will eventually die if you keep it covered for about a year or so, but I can tell you that this information is not quite accurate haha.

So here’s my cauliflower, broccoli and broad beans. I took this picture on June 19th and by now the cauliflower plants are gone. I harvested them all and I have to say they were delicious! I think it was the best cauliflower I’ve ever had πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, you can only plant them once every 4 years, so I’ll have to wait for a bit before trying again πŸ™‚ Oh well πŸ™‚

Two weeks ago Ma’iq and I both got the flu and spent two weeks cuddling and spinning. No phones, no internet, just being cozy. I got a headstart on the Tour de Fleece because I have big plans and I’m never going to be able to accomplish them (as usual lol).

Before starting on the new project I had to finish the old spinning project and it was a good fun πŸ™‚ Ma’iq has fallen in love with the springs on my wheel and he’s made a point of licking them (ew), he loves pulling on them and he’s already managed to stretch one out by grabbing onto it while falling and pulling it off the wheel. He’s so fascinated I can’t really spin when he’s around haha.

I’ve also been working on this little project here. It’s a sea horse yoke cardigan for Ma’iq and I’m now working on the sleeves. The yarn is a fractal spun 2ply and the fiber is “Jungle Night” by Dutch Wool Diva. The contrasting color is Alpaca Rhythm by Scheepjeswol. I’m going to steek the thing and add a tiny button band. This was my first fractal spun yarn and I’ve fallen in love with the technique. So much so that my latest project is also a fractal spinning project.

The past years I’ve been living for the Tour de Fleece, and last year I didn’t manage to spin because Β I had a Tour de Baby, but this year I’m working on a custom dyed fiber by Dutch Wool Diva and I’m going to spin and knit it for my new to be born nephew πŸ™‚ His arrival is expected in early August, but I’m not sure if I’m going to make it or not, but it’s okay since he’s a summer baby πŸ™‚

I have 300 grams of this amazing fiber (80% South American and 20% Soy silk), and I’m going to make a fractal spun 2ply laceweight. One of the singles is going to be a long gradient, and the other ply is going to be 3 repeats πŸ™‚

So far I’m almost halfway (this is an older picture) and I’m really excited, this stuff spins like a dream and I can’t wait to get some more spinning done. Tomorrow is the first day of the Tour and I’m soooo excited! Happy spinning πŸ™‚

The big O.N.E

Dear Ma’iq,

Let me start by saying I’m so proud of you, my cute little nini is growing up! You’re so impatient with everything, it’s almost like looking at myself haha. You want to go out, and explore the world. You want to talk to every person you meet, and you greet them with that adorable 1,5 toothed smile of yours. You’re such a huge fan of your mama it makes me feel so incredibly lucky to have you <3

Thank you for choosing us, and thank you for giving me the kick I needed to get off my butt and start doing something with my life. As corny as it sounds (and probably is), you make the BS fade away and bring the important things into the foreground. Thank you for bringing everything into perspective and showing me what’s truly important in my life.

When I think about last year, I think about the best day of my life. The day I got to meet you, and we didn’t even know each other then! I was pretty high because of the medication, but even then I was so super excited to meet you! Then a tiny, warm, wet bundle of nini (=baby) was placed on my belly and I could only see a lot of dark hairs sticking out haha.

Over the months we got to see your bubbly and awesome personality. You know what you want and how you want it, and you will make sure we all know what it is haha.

I can’t wait to see more little guy πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for all the amazing fun we’re going to have together <3 Thank you for being you πŸ™‚

Happy birthday <3




Happy Nowrooz to all who celebrate it! Nowrooz is the Persian new year and it means “new day”. We celebrate the coming of Spring and the life it brings πŸ™‚


Here’s a picture of me and Ma’iq posing next to the “Haft Seen” I added a wikipedia link but I can explain (in short) what it is. The Haft Seen is a ceremonial arrangement of seven symbolic items, or the seven (haft) c’s (seen). The wikipedia link gives a clear explanation of what these items represent πŸ™‚


The Persian Nowrooz is celebrated on the Spring Equinox and is celebrated for 13 days. This is a time when families visit and children get a lot of presents. It’s a festive time of family, food, poetry and sweets, not necessarilyΒ in that order.


Did I mention sweets? Cookies, so many cookies.Β 


Moar cookies!

And then some… So today we spent time with family, drank coffee, ate food and now I’m sitting at home with the hugest bowl of different cookies and some tea. I promised myself that I’m not eating sugar until Ma’iqs first birthday (though I might make a little exception for my own birthday..) so right now I’m stuffing myself. Shamelessly.Β 


crochet blanket

So while stuffing my face, I’ve also managed to crochet a bunch of granny squares. I’m still working on the beige ball of yarn, then I’ll move onto the two purples and the dark green. I’ll sew them all together with the white ball because I don’t want any white squares. It’s a kitty blanket after all..

crochet blanket

I’m really happy with the little squares. I wonder how many I’ll end up with πŸ™‚

I really wanted to share these two pictures with you. First: don’t worry, I’m not letting him sit in that thing for too long, but he’s reaaaally active and 5 – 10 minutes won’t do any harm, but give him a great deal of joy πŸ™‚


Yep, that’s a toothbrush! He’s still teething (and there’s still nothing in sight.. just a thickened, reddish patch and LOTS of drooling), but he absolutely loves his little toothbrush. He spends a lot of time playing with it, it’s so adorable πŸ™‚ I hope he’ll always love his toothbrush because I used to hate mine and it didn’t do my teeth much good…

Happy knitting <3

Hello world :)

Hello world! It’s taken a few days but I’m finally back in the game. My resting bitch face lasted for 4 whole days and after that I had to clean up the mess that had accumulated over those four days. Babies make a lot of mess apparently, so there’s (still) a lot of laundry to be done. The teething is still an ongoing process but at least there are no night time poops.. so there’s that. Thanks for the kind comments, I’m sorry I haven’t replied, I usually reply but I’ve really been out of it this past week. I’ll be sure to reply next time πŸ˜€


InΒ the mean time I’ve been working on a new project.. Shocker.. I know πŸ˜› For some reason I keep starting new projects, but at least I can feel guilty about them now haha. I noticed that my kitty Noodles keeps sleeping on my lopi vest, and I suddenly remembered that she’s always been a fan of knitwear beds.


This is an older picture of Noodles sleeping on the Lopi pullover I made for my BIL, she’d actually go looking for it..

there you are!

Before I knit with lopi yarn she also liked cascade 220, but ever since lopi entered this house, nothing has been deemed good enough…

So Now I’m working on a simple granny square blanket for her. I’m going to make granny squares of all my lopi yarns I have left and then I’ll sew them together. I’m hoping I can get 2 or maybe even 3 little blankets for her, so I can place them all over the house πŸ™‚

Finally! The last ball!

The last few days I’ve been so excited about this project I can’t seem to be able to put it down. I’ve finally attached the final ball and I’m making good progress on it! The yarn at the end of the third ball was a bit heavier than the rest of the yarns and I feared the third ball would be even thicker as well, but apparently it was only just a little bit and the third ball is the same weight as the rest of the blanket. I’m actually very pleased with the yarn. This is the first big project I’ve spun in a while and also the first big project I’ve spun on my new wheel. I’m really pleased with the evenness of the yarn. I know there’s always room for progress, but I think I’m comfortable enough now to actually spin a sweaters worth of handspun now! I’m already thinking of this years’ Tour de Fleece and I seriously can not wait! The summer of 2015 went completely past me as I was preoccupied with Ma’iq, but this year! He’ll be 1 year old and there will be a lot of playing (on his side) and spinning (on my side) in the new garden <3

In the mean time I managed to finish the first mitten and immediately cast on for the second. I’ve finished the ribbing and I’m going to start the chart now. I might actually make it and finish it this month! But if I don’t, it’s not going to take much longer πŸ™‚

peach tree blossom

While being completely busyΒ with all the baby related things, I keep forgetting that it’s almost spring and I reaaally need to get this garden fixed. Some things need to be replanted and some things need to be removed.. Most of the plants are ready for spring so I’ll really need to hurry now.Β 


Last year the raspberry plant wasn’t all too happy with the tiny pot it had. I’ll need to repot it so it can grow big and strong!

saffron crocus

I’m not sure exactly when I bought these but I think it was somewhere in september or late august. These are saffron crocusses (?) and are supposed to grow in the fall.. This is how I just dug them out of the dark. I still need to plant them, even though I’m afraid I’m a bit too late lol.Β 


Here’s a picture of the blueberry bush I thought had died. Lucky break! It’s still alive (and also in need of a bigger pot!) Just like the sour cherry tree below! I’m actually very lucky with the gentle winter we’ve had, because this plant needs warmer weather than we usually have πŸ™‚ I’m just glad it survived the winter <3

sour cherry

The roses are doing great! I have two climbing roses and these things are really having fun! Look at this little guy go! For reference, this is the one that wouldn’t grow at first…

climbing rose

climbing rose

In other completely unrelated news: Juandissimo is back! Well.. I mean to say that we received a new one because they couldn’t repair the old one. I’m so happy! My feet are happy! No vacuuming the kitchen anymore is so awesome <3 I really really really love this thing. So much time spent knitting/ crocheting because I don’t have to vacuum <3 Happy knitting everybody!Β 

vacuum robot

resting bitch face..

I have an extreme case of it this week. I’m normally a very happy and smiley person, but this week it’s all about the resting bitch face syndrome. So I went to the dentist on Tuesday and my dental hygienist had a little too much fun on my teeth. It hurt a bit at the time, but I sucked it up and moved along, but as the day progressed the pain got worse. So what happened..? It’s not the teeth, it’s the muscles around the jaw, when I’m stressed out I tend to strain the muscles around my jaws and end up with a lot of pain for a few days. I know it’s not the teeth (because I had my dentist check and re-check). Apparently it’s something mostly women are afflicted with.. I don’t grind my teeth, but I do tense up the muscles and then this happens. So this happened while I was at the dental hygienist and I was dying the past two days. Today it’s a LOT better, and I haven’t taken any paracetamol. Normally I’d simply take an advil and the pain would just go away, but I can’t since I’m breastfeeding so I’m stuck with paracetamol and this stuff doesn’t work like advil does πŸ™

Next time I’m taking the rotten advil and I’ll give Ma’iq a bottle instead rather than deal with this for three days, but I guess you have to learn the hard way sometimes. I really thought It’d get better, and then it didn’t πŸ˜›

Because of this I’ve mainly been working on the ten stitch blanket, because I seriously couldn’t do anything else. Another thing I noticed is that, apparently, when you’re used to smiling a lot, not smiling can actually make you grumpy. I was in a very nasty mood the last few days, and now that my face is going back to its happy self, maybe I’ll go back to my happy self as well!

How cold is it mittens

Even though it’s actually a very small project, this thing seems to be going on and on forever. It’s actually not though, it just appears that way because I haven’t really been working on it that much.

Ten stitch blanket

What has been growing is this blanket. It’s nice to have a total brainless knit and if it means this blanket is getting finished instead of the mittens than I’m actually going to be very happy indeed. I love how the second ball is shrinking compared to the third (and last) ball. I love how the colors are moving along and how the olive green still comes back sometimes. I love how it’s working out the way I hoped it would. I love how I can find nice things to say about this project as well, even though in reality the past few days everything about it has been bothering me immensely.

For a moment there I hated the corners so much I wanted to frog the thing… I’m glad I didn’t, and only because I was too cranky to wind the balls again hahaha. I can’t believe how bad this week started out.. man.

Romeo wip

So, my to do list says I need to have this finished by the end of this month. Not a problem, except.. what am I going to do about the top part (and sleeves). A round yoke..? and how am I going to do the sleeves? Or maybe simple sleeves and saddle shoulders? Or maybe I should go for 2×2 ribbing on the sleeves? So many choices…

I just know for a fact that it’s going to be steeked, but other than that.. so many options. For now I’m going to get myself a cup of coffee and continue my love affair with the potty mouth mittens.. <3

Happy knitting πŸ™‚ I hope your days have been filled with smiles rather than bitch faces πŸ˜›

FO: Gaucho

It’s done! I haven’t washed it yet, but it’s already been worn twice, and I’m loving it! It’s so incredibly warm and cozy with the (detachable) cowl. When I bought the ball of yarn I wasn’t really sure about the colors, but crochet really brings out the best in variegated yarns imho.

FO: Gaucho

In the end I needed a chunk of my moms ball as well, but since she didn’t have any big plans it’s ok I guess. Once it’s washed I’ll take some pictures, but I didn’t have the time to be honest.


I hadn’t had the time to work on this project for a while, but yesterday I was under the impression that I had finished the first mini-batt, when this morning I discovered that, in fact, I had not. There’s a little bit left, so I’ll spin this up today so I can move on to the next minibatt πŸ™‚

Cold a f*ck

In the mean time I’ve been working on my mittens a bit, and I’m happy with the way the yarns are working together. The zauberball is a soft gradient and I think it works really well in these mittens. The contrast will become softer on the tip of this left hand mitten. I’m not sure if I’ll mind if they don’t completely match, but I’ll try to get the thumb in the same color so it doesn’t have too great a contrast with the rest of the mittens.

Cold as F*ck

I knit the thumb ‘hole’ with waste yarn, so I can pick up the stitches and knit the thumb when I’ve finished the mitten.Β 
second and third ball

I’ve also been knitting on the ten stitch blanket a lot, but you can’t really tell by looking at the blanket. I just compare the two balls to see how much I have left. I can’t believe there’s actual progress on this beast. I love knitting it now, because there’s a lot more knitting between each corner, so I’m not constantly working short-rows. The colors areΒ also changing constantly and I really can’t wait to see this project all finished up.

In other knitting news I’ve frogged the “roll the bones” socks because I wasn’t really feeling them. I don’t know why, but seeing the Sock Madness socks come by I decided to wait until the SM patterns are released. I’m still going to knit these socks at one point, just not right now. There’s too much focus needed for these socks at the moment, and I’d rather be knitting brainless things so I can actually relax a bit.

In other news: I’ve been working on a lot of designs, but in the last few weeks I’ve come to realize that I’m never going to be able to do all the work by myself. I have so many ideas for new designs, but I feel like I can’t start working on them now because I need to finish the other projects first. So at the moment I’m looking for people who are interested in test knitting my projects. I will supply (or pay for) the yarn, and I will pay you for your work, and at the end I’ll need the finished product. If you’re interested, send me an email at info @ and I’ll get back to you πŸ™‚

happy knitting! <3

Hello March!

Goodbye February! You were short and sweet, and even though I didn’t manage all of my goals (I missed the last week’s 2 posts), I did manage a lot of other things! Now let’s take a look at the goals I set at the beginning of February.

I did manage to finish 3 wips, and got a good start on some other projects. Halfway through I tried to get two stranded knitting projects finished as well, but it didn’t really work out. I did manage to knit some, so I guess it’s not all too bad.

I blogged 6 times instead of 8 times because I missed the last week. How so you ask? Well by baby is teething and he’s been waking between 5 and 6 am every morning. He usually (sort of) sleeps until 7 am so it may not sound like it’s a lot earlier, but believe me.. it is. He still gets two feedings a night and since he’s teething he’s been very restless at night. So even when I go to bed at 9.30 PM I’m still a bit sleep deprived when he wakes in the morning. Also.. midnight poops.. maaann.. he’ll be totally awake at 2AM because he’s pooped and wants to be changed, then I’ll change him and he’ll go down at 3.30-4 am, and then he still wakes between 5 and 6. I gave myself a week off because: a: there was hardly any knitting, b: I was too braindead to actually accomplish something, c: the house was a total mess, and d: a cranky, teething baby wants to be held and hugged all day (while drooling all over himself and you in the process, so there’s twice as much laundry.. yay).

The last three goals were successful (somewhat). The closet is done, but I found some other clothes that were still boxed up so I’m sorting those at the moment. Timing my work is going really well, not counting last week, I’ve been able to work between 30 and 35 hours a week, which is really nice. Losing 1kg is an interesting one, when I don’t sleep, I snack like crazy so I’m not sure if I actually lost anything, I know I didn’t gain any weight.. so I guess that’s worth something too haha πŸ˜›

So now the goals for March:

  1. Finish the “how cold is it mittens”
  2. Finish the “roll the bones socks”
  3. Finish Gaucho (which will be done quickly I think)
  4. Finish Romeo
  5. Patterns

These projects need to get finished because spring is coming and I’m not going to beΒ knitting those winter projects in spring, so there you have it. The socks are not winter projects per se, but since I’m not joining Sock Madness 10, I’m going to knit these for fun πŸ™‚

About the patterns: I have a number of designs ready, I’m working on the writing part and then they can go for tech editing. The problem at the moment is that I’m too busy doing other things to get the writing and calculating part done, but on the other hand, I can’t make new designs until I’ve finished writing these up, and right now I’m making sketches of all my new ideas and these patterns are blocking everything.. so first we write them out, then they go for tech editing and then they go for testing. I made the mistake of publishing a pattern that was not tested and I’m never going to do that again (though in my defense it was my first pattern and I really thought nobody would ever buy it, so spending money on it before publishing it seemed a bit pointless.. lesson learned the hard way).

So, now I’ll move on to the knitting part, yay! As I mentioned Ma’iq is having a hard time so I’ve been in need of some simple patterns.

finished spinning these rolags

One of the things I worked on was spinning these rolags on the wheel. I started out on a spindle during my pregnancy, but I wasn’t able to finish because of the baby and the move. I found the rolags all bundled up and I feared the worst.

finished spinning these rolags

Thankfully they were still intact and there was no felting, so I spun them into a (very) light fingering weight, chain plied yarn. I wasn’t sure if I was going for a two ply or a three ply, but I really wanted to preserve the colors, so in the end I went for a chain plied yarn.

Finished yarn

I absolutely loved the rolags, and I really like the way the yarn turned out <3 It’s not washed and measured yet, so I have no idea what I have. I just know it’s 50 grams of delicious dark chocolate <3


In the mean time I’m almost done with Gaucho. I’m loving it and I just need to finish the collar and the fringes and I’m good to go. It’s a great pattern and I love the yarn. I can’t wait to wear this thing.

my sonnensegel is growing

I’ve been procrastiknitting a lot because I couldn’t spend any time with the knits that needed to get finished. I don’t know why it works that way, I just know that it works that way. I plan on finishing two tiny projects and all of the sudden, a lot of progress can be seen in a lot of other projects… I guess that alone is worth having goals, even if you don’t achieve the goals you set, you’re achieving goals your knitting has set for you.

The second ball is shrinking!

This is one of the projects I worked on. At first it seemed like it would never end, but now that I’m using this as my procrastiknitting project, it’s growing a lot faster. You can see how much smaller the second ball has become while working on this. I really like how these colors are working out.

love the colors in this blanket

Maybe it’s because I wound the yarn into balls instead of a cake, but I can’t imagine the other colors anymore, Every row (around the blanket, not every 20 stitches). I know there’s going to be dark blue in the end, and I’m really looking forward to this blanket being finished.

the blanket and the gifted project bag

In all honesty, at first, I didn’t enjoy working on this blanket. I loved the yarn and the way the yarn was changing colors. I also appreciate how much better I’ve gotten at spinning compared to the first baby blanket I made. Though, to be fair, I was going for an uneven look because of the nepps.

my new officie space

On tuesday I had a “day off”, which basically means DH took DS to see MIL and FIL, so I had a day without a baby. Let me start by saying that this was the first day in 8 months time that I hadΒ been alone for more than 3 hours. It was glorious, but I also had moments when I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing. One of the things I did was borrow Ma’iqs room because he’s not really using it yet, and I need a place to work. I separated the creative space from the “this-is-where-I-do-my-taxes” space and now I feel a lot better.

Ma'iq <3

Hello, everybody! This is how I vampire! <3

Ma'iq <3

Ok just kidding πŸ™‚

Procrastination crochet..

One of the things I love most about deadline knitting is the procrastination knitting it brings on. I honestly don’t understand the how and why of it, I just know that it works that way. So I have one week left to finish the two stranded knitting projects I have left and all of the sudden I’ve never felt a greater urge to crochet myself a large poncho. I mean a BIG poncho.. I bought a ball of Katia “big to knit” as you may have seen in the previous post, and I made a knitting swatch. I love the yarn and the feel of it, but the knitting didn’t do it justice I felt. This was going to be a nice crochet project so I went searching for some patterns I liked.

In the end I settled on this pattern. It’s Gaucho from Garnstudio and I absolutely love every bit of detail in this thing. The pattern calls for a 5.5mm hook, but my yarn is much heavier than the yarn that’s used in the pattern, so I’m using 9mm and I adapted the pattern for a custom fit. The design is the same, it’s just a larger. I have 500 grams/ 700m of yarn, but my mom has a ball of this stuff as well, so if I run out I’ll have some backup and I won’t have to spend another 30 euros for an extra ball if I need just one or two more rows haha.

The project seems simple enough, the only catch is that you have to be able to use your brain, and that’s where it went wrong here people.

crochet Gaucho wip

It started out fine (or so I thought). I read (sort of) the pattern, and cast on. I really loved the way crochet and this yarn go together so I was very happy and just worked on. After a while I thought the project was eating a LOT of yarn for how big it was getting and decided to actually think about what I was doing. See this is why you shouldn’t cast on at night when you should actually be sleeping..

crochet Gaucho wip fail

This is what I was doing. I’m not sure if you’ve ever made a standard crochet poncho, but there are only two increase corners (mid front and mid back). It’s not supposed to be a square. Obviously I had taken the time to take this picture before knitting halfway through the ball of yarn.. I can’t believe I didn’t see what I was doing back then.. The stupid is strong in me I guess haha.

when frog needs to happen

So I obviously end up frogging the thing. Did I mention the yarn doesn’t like to be frogged a lot? So I cast on again and started happily crocheting away. Until I noticed that somewhere along the way (some 5-ish rows back) I had forgotten to increase and I’d been crocheting along for the last 5 rows. So I had to rip those rows out again because such is the nature of crochet. Knitting can be fixed, but crochet, sadly, cannot. I didn’t take any pictures of that part..

third attempt

I restarted and now everything is fine. Surprisingly, it only took 1 day to get as far as I am again, so it’s really a very quick project for ‘in between’. Which is what I don’t understand about myself and deadline knitting. I want to have those two projects finished first, but something in me screams “procrastinate!!” At least it’s a quick project, so once this one is done, I’ll get back to the sock and mittens πŸ™‚


Under Dutch Skies fiber

In other news: a new webshop has opened for lovers of fiber and spinning: Underdutchskies. Last Sunday was the grand opening and because of it there was a 10% discount. I’m still on a yarn diet so obviously I jumped in head first.. I’m the worst. So much for discipline right? Anyway, it’s not as bad as it sounds, because these two lovelies where a present from my mom <3 THANKS MOM!

hairpin lace loom

I also ordered another hairpin lace loom. I had ordered oneΒ a while back, but I wasn’t able to find it, and I also felt that it was a bit small. The loom I had was perfect for finer works, but I want to be able to make artsy, BIG looped stuff with it, so I ordered another one from Draadpracht. I had bought the first loom at the breidagen a few years ago, so I remembered where to go for my online purchase πŸ™‚

Ma'iqs blanket wip

I’m still knitting on Ma’iqs ten stitch blanket, and there’s some actual progress. I love how the colors blend and how we’re moving onto the turquoise and the ball is visibly shrinking! I hope this won’t take as long as the first ball because I’m really impatient to see all the colors combined in this blanket!