Tour de Fleece day 6-8

It took me a little while but I managed to finish all of the brown alpaca! I’m really happy because in the end I was starting to hate spinning it.. But first: picture time!

So first things first: I installed picasa! and I’m really happy I did because making collages really really sucks! On the other hand I really don’t like the fact that you can’t choose to CANCEL the file search on it.. ARE YOU READING THIS GOOGLE? IT SUCKS!!!

sorry about that…

As you can see on these pictures I mangled my bobbins.. I had already tried to mangle one bobbin during last years tour, and felt this could be done better! So with the help of the BF we drill-sawed the bobbins.. I say ‘mangled’ but ofcourse I mean improved 😀

820m of singles chain-plied to form 273m of yarn.

I had to wash the finished yarn twice to get clear water.. at least now I now how to wash alpaca.. 😛

I don’t know the WPI but I’d say it’s fingering weight yarn. And it gave me hell during the spinning..




Every single time I wanted to spin.. at some point I was washing my hands 10x a day and it left me with extremely dry hands. In that sense I’m extremely happy about being done with it. I can’t imagine spinning any more of this.. Strangely enough the yarn became quite soft after the good wash and sunny dry and I really felt bad about the verbal abuse I had given it while spinning it.

The 8th day was spent walking through the botanical gardens of Utrecht. There was no spinning but there was a lot of relaxing. The trip left with a lot of inspiration and determination to spin even more.

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