Tour de Fleece 2013

I’ve been very quiet this TdF haven’t I? I’ve been spinning (as you may have seen on my twitter and facebook), but I haven’t had the time to blog about it just yet. I actually still don’t have time to blog, so it’s going to be a very short post.

I have a lot of wild plans for this Tour, so let me show you a bit of my 2013 stash:


I ordered a kilogram of roving from Wolmetverve and I am not dissappointed! I bought 500 grams of undyed Corriedale and 500 grams of Manx Loaghtan (which is brown). If you’ve never heard of Manx Loaghtan before I suggest you go google it. Or just click on this here linky.

Manx Loaghtan is one bad-ass sheep! Look at them.. wow. So I’m still working on spinning different types of fleece and I really love working with this one. I’m spinning it on my Golding tsunami (for the Golding fans: it’s a 3″ cherry, and I didn’t clean the bronze ring, I just let it darken)


I’m also working on the 100 grams of mohair I bought at the breidagen fair a while ago.


I know it’s picture with the turkish spindle, but I’m using my IST Crafts Russian spindle. No pretty pictures at the moment, there are some shots on the twitter if you’d like to see 🙂

I’m planning to finish the rest of the Castlemilk Moorit on the turkish spindle (I haven’t started yet)

tutorial: how to card and make rolags

And I still have this batch to work through (it’s from last years TdF).

TdF 2012 preparations

I know it’s a lot of fiber to plough through with spindles, especially since I’ve only spun about 20 grams of the Manx Loaghtan and maybe 5 of the mohair..

So what’s a girl to do? Well.. here’s what. I ordered a bliss by Woolmakers. Lucky for me the shipment is being delayed, and no wheels will be shipped until week 29 (that’s a two week wait). BUT! I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. Now I have some time to finish the things I need to finish (IRL), and get some dents in the Manx Loaghtan, and with some luck, I’ll be able to dye the corriedale before the wheel arrives 😀

I’m sort of very excited for this Tour and hope to get a lot of spinning done, at least in the last half of the Tour!

Happy spinning!

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