This was a triumph..

I’m making a note here: “huge success..”

(Still alive – Portal)

So apparently focussing on one project at a time really pays off. Who would’ve thought. I’m actually shocked (it’s stupid, but I really am). Apparently I do knit a lot during my days, I just never focus so nothing ever gets finished. Or I work on blankets in light fingering weight yarn and get all disappointed when I don’t see any progress.

Today I’m showing off two FO’s! I finished my gramps cardigan and the mini skirt I was knitting for little Yara. On top of that, I also finished my closet business (I nearly threw all my clothes out), at the moment the working time is 19+ hours and I’m working on my vanilla socks. I guess all I need to do now is post 6 more times (after this post) and lose 1 kg of weight and I’m all set. Not bad for the first 5 days of the month right? 🙂

I guess the finish 3 wips was easy in this case because all three of them are small, a baby vest, a baby sized mini skirt and a pair of vanilla socks. Since everything is going so well I’m going to expand the list of wips to 5 wips this month. I have to push it (at least a little bit, because these vanilla socks are going to be finished before monday..). I’m adding the “roll the bones” socks and the “how cold is it” mittens to this months list. Both are smal projects, but they’re a bit more intense than plain vanilla socks, which means they’ll probably get finished even quicker haha.


So here’s the first FO, the gramps cardigan in Madelinetosh Pashmina in colorway Thunderstorm. I really love this cardigan because it’s so serious. It’s extra cute on babies and toddlers, and it’s super easy to knit. The buttons are from a local wood working shop and are handmade.


I didn’t actually have the time to properly block it (and I don’t really think it’s that important in this case), so the picture below is a bit weird (because of the raglan shaping), but that’s just because of the way it tried up. It’s a baby cardigan and babies drool and generally make a big mess of their clothes, so that’s why I just laid it out to dry instead of blocking it. This thing will (probably) never get blocked anyway haha.


I love how they’re thicker than average buttons and that the holes aren’t always centered. These buttons have personalities and I think they work really well with the cardigan. As they come in 5 per pack I now have 1 extra in case we lose one. 
Yara's mini skirt

My little niece Yara is a very expressive young lady. She’s a little ball of cuteness, but she knows what she wants and she can be very bossy <3 So what do you gift this girl? I usually don’t mind buying stuff, toys and whatnot, but in this case I felt like this would capture her personality a lot more. It’s hand made with love and it’s made of scheepjes stone washed (cotton, acrylic so it can be machine washed). I didn’t have the time to properly wash it so the stitches are a bit wonky at times, but I’m confident most of it will even out during the first washing.

Yara's mini skirt
I guess now I’m going to finish my vanilla socks and then I’ll move onto the next project 🙂 If I’m going to evaluate this experiment, I’m going to have to say that it’s a success and I’m going to make better goals each month. It also helps that Ma’iq is getting more and more independent, so I’ll have more time for myself from now on. <3

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