TdF days 1-5

Yes! I’ve been very very busy with the tour and I’ve been spinning along nicely! I know last year I really wanted to spin a lot but last year I had just recently picked up spinning and wasn’t as comfortable with it as I am today. Even so, I’m still learning heaps and I’m very excited about this tour!

To me this year’s tour is about (nearly) emptying the stash because I’ve planned on knitting some rather large projects with my uncarded and unprepped stash for the next season. One is for me: the girasole, the other is for the BF: the adult tomten. I’ve made two small collages of the things I want to spin this tour and I hope I can achieve this goal!

This collage shows the things I want to spin this tour. The top left is the chocolate wensleydale I got for my birthday last year. I’m spinning this on my turkish spindle by Woodstory. It’s an eco-friendly spindle and the locks are clean but a little greasy. It was my first time washing fleece so I didn’t know what to do exactly but I must say that I’m not too bothered with the grease. If anything it’s making spinning the fine singles a lot easier because of the stickiness.

The bottom left picture shows the wensleydale-cross white curly fleece and the oatmeal BFL commercial roving/ combed top I’m mixing on my handcards. The result will be a real 4-ply spindle spun on my 3″ Golding Tsunami.

The top center picture is a 300 gram/ 10.5oz white 18.5 micron merino combed top I’m planning to (hand card) blend with the 100grams/ 3.5oz of tussah silk in the bottom center picture. I’m not sure what this is going to become so I won’t start on this just yet. I’m planning to dye the silk a vibrant reddish/ orange and keep the merino undyed. I’m hoping to get a nice colorcombination this way.

The top right picture is a bag of doggy-fur from a Shih Tzu-Maltezer cross named Pip. I’m still uncertain as to what this should become and if I should blend it with something soft with a long staple or not…

The bottom right picture is a tiny amount of super fine bunny fuzz. For this purpose (and the doggyhair) I ordered a Brazillian Kingwood Russian spindle from IST Crafts. I’m not sure if it will arrive before the end of the Tour but I can always spin after the tour is done too right πŸ˜‰

This collage shows the things I’m working on right now. The above part is the 250 grams/ 8.8oz of brown alpaca I got for my birthday last year. I’m going for a chain plied yarn but I’m not sure what this is going to become yet.

The bottom picture is the 200 grams/ 7oz of gray shetland commercial roving I got. I’m spinning this on my 3″ Golding Tsunami now, but I’m also not sure of what to do with this once it’s done πŸ˜›

The progress on the first day. I carded the last batch yesterday and I’m hoping to finish the spinning today. With a little bit of luck I might even start/ finish the plying today!

Meanwhile I felt the need to bake cinnamon rolls! I know you can’t spin and eat this kind of stuff but I couldn’t help myself πŸ™

In between all this spinning I felt the knitting was unrepresented in my daily routine. I also noticed I had some of the EZ half circle shawl left and decided it would make a good winter set if I were to knit the deep in the forrest mittensΒ to go with them. I knit these using the handspun yarn I had left and with a skein of drops alpaca in red/purple mix.

I started out using the 2.5mm needles for the small size but this is how big they came out! So I frogged the thing and restarted using a 2.0mm needle and now it fits!

I didn’t expect this result but I’m quite please with the way the colors complement eachother. I was planning on using a gray color for the contrast color but I’m sticking to this one! Now I’m just hoping the yarn won’t run out on me!

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