TdF day 9-10

Yesterday was a good day for spinning and relaxing! I managed to spin up the 200 grams of shetland roving I had lying around and turn it into 285m of chain plied yarn. Yes I am pleased with myself :p

It became a sportweight yarn and though I’m not yet sure what it wants to become, I do feel like it’s nudging me in this direction. I feel it’s a simple scarf(ette) that will be a nice display for the texture of the handspun.

It all started out like this. I had spun a little bit of the shetland on my spindle to get the feel of the whole thing. I started out a little too thin but in the end I found a nice weight for a somewhat bouncy chain plied yarn.

I started spinning using a new ‘trick’ I learned from my tourmates at Rav. Since I have never had any lessons in spinning and I have never spun with other spinners in real life I have not been in the position to get any tips and tricks while spinning. So everything I know is based off the internet and some of it is experimental work. But one of the spinners pointed out that by crossing the single like this the pull is reduced and more twist can be added to the single.

My wannabe louet tends to yank (and break) the yarn a lot so this was a huge revelation which made the spinning that much more enjoyable!

In-between there was al lot of relaxing and enjoying the company of the BF and the naughty cats. The advantage of having the BF around is great: I didn’t have to do anything and he baked delicious chips and made delicious mayonaise!

A minor drawback to the enhancement of my bobbins is the fact that I can’t fit as much yarn on one side as I could at first. I’ll need to fashion something on the narrow side as to make it wider so as to fit more yarn 🙂

As you can see I’m a bit fearful of the yarn ‘overflowing’ on the narrow side… 😛

For the second weak of the Tour I’m planning on dyeing a lot of merino x silk and handcarding the wensleydale x gotland / oatmeal BFL mix for my BF’s tomten 🙂

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