TdF day 11-12

It’s difficult for me to keep posting daily because of other commitments but whenever I can I try to update the progress, because there is certainly some spinning going on here in this house. I find that photo ops and updating blogs takes too much time and leaves me with less time for spinning. And we can’t have that now can we…?

This is the progress made in day 11. Mostly I’ve been carding and I attempted to give the wensleydale x gotland another bath but it wouldn’t have it.. I guess I’ll play rough then hehe. Carding went well but then I ran out of oatmeal bfl so I had to order another 200 grams just to be safe. This way I can make another (darker) blend as well once I’m done so I can use that as a contrasting color.

The girasole is doing fine as well, I actually planned some knitting time into my daily routine as to make sure I don’t forget how to knit during this Tour. The love for knitting has been renewed because of the horrible (I actually like it) mini-fall sweeping over the low lands this July. As I type this there’s a huge amount of rain coming my way and though I’m grateful to be sitting inside, I feel for my poor little plants.

Because of this horrific weather we’re having, on day 12, I felt an ever greater need for color. I’m becoming a huge fan of natural colors but I felt the need for distinct summery (or maybe even fall-like) colors.. it reminds me of a peach.

I grabbed the 100 grams of silk and dyed them with too bottles of food coloring and safflower. I was afraid I had failed but the colors came out better than I could’ve hoped and I’m extremely pleased with the results. While I had just started dyeing the silk I felt the colors might become too ‘cold’ so I decided to dye a little bit of the 300 grams of merino with safflower so I could balance the colors out. At the moment I think that won’t be necessary but it’s still nice to have another color as a backup ‘just in case’.

The plan is to (hand) card the whole thing into rolags to mix the fibers and colors. I’m not sure what weight and/ or what pattern but I think the fiber will tell me once it’s ready.. 400 grams is a lot and I think in time a project will stand up and claim the yarn 😀


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