sunny day = productive day

nothing beats a sunny day in my little knitting world. I live in an appartment with two small balconies. One is on the north side of the building and is narrow but reaches from one end till the other end of the appartment, and the other one is 1.5×2.0m and is on the soutside. There are no other balconies above ours so this means we have sun on the soutbalcony from 7-8 in the morning till 7 pm and this TOTALLY makes up for the size… It may sound big, but it’s small.. there’s the door which opens towards the balcony and the pipe’s for the rain, and then ofcourse there’s the edges which are higher, so you can’t even use all of the space. But I still love it πŸ™‚ it’s cute and I can work on my laptop from it so it’s good enoug for me…

Anyway, because of this little balcony I get extra motivated and productive in the spring and summer. I can sit there from early morning till late in the afternoon and knit knit knit knit knit… so this last week there’s been a lot of sunny days and a lot of knitting.

There’s only one little problem with these knitting days.. I sit next to the kitchen so I actually take a bite during knitting.. and well.. it can get boring after a while. Normally I just knit an hour or less during a day, but when it’s sunny and school/ work allows it I work all day long, and then a pattern can become very repetitive and boring so on days like this I tend to do a lot of things at once..

maybe two or three ours of knitting on the Onerva 3.0, and then some swatching for the Wine Red Top from the Obscuriosity Free Choice KAL, and then I dug up my sad little first attempt at a self made design Sunrise and change a few things and then I actually CO the Anne Elliot Spencer πŸ˜€

Onerva 3.0 is now in the 5th repeat and the second ball of yarn. This one just flies! It’s going so much faster than the first and even second attempt! w00t! I’m hoping to finsh this one this weekend so I can have it blocked and ready for my mom on monday or tuesday πŸ™‚

For the Wine Red Top, which in my case be a different color, I made some swatches. The problem I always have is that my gauge doesn’t correspond to the gauge of the manufacturer.. I knit more loose and have to pick smaller needles to come to the same gauge. So here’s the dilemma. I have two tyes of yarn I’d like for this top. It’s either the Drops Muskat (left) or the Drops Safran (right). Tho I think I have enough to make the top in both colors I’m not sure I really want to do that..

For the lace part of the top I decided to do a razor shell pattern instead of the fern lace.. for some reason I constantly messed up the fern lace but this pattern has the same effect but works a lot nicer πŸ™‚ I think I’ll have this finished in no-time now because it’s become a lot of fun again πŸ˜€

And last but definately not least, the wip of the Anne Elliot Spencer! I’m totally loving the pattern πŸ˜€

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