And it’s already time for another round of Stewie’s Sexy Party! Though you might not remember the first one (since it was named different) but it’s still the same basic idea. The SSP happens every now and then when your ever-active-in-real-life blogger has updates she would like to show you but couldn’t do it earlier because things were evolving so quickly.

Take a look at the lacy mitts posts for instance, I have three posts with near-identical pictures but different stories.. that’s just boring… 😛 but a lot has happened and a lot of knitting and frogging has actually occurred between the near-identical posts, but this is something I can’t really show because my posting can’t keep up with the knitting/ frogging action. And meanwhile I’ve finished the knit and moved on to another knit and in between the knitting and frogging I’ve managed to block another recently finished object.

And so the SSP came to life. A Sexy Party where all the FO’s can be showed off 🙂

So here’s the first partymember

Lacy mitts FO

I may not have mentioned it before but I’m only making one handwarmer. The whole reason I made this knit was because I work with the computer a lot and my right (mouse) arm gets all cold and painfull so now I hope I won’t have this problem anymore 🙂 I still have to block it tho and I think I’ll need a little elastic in the end to keep it up, it’s nice and snug at first but after a while it loosens up and then it starts sagging off my arm…… 😛

balsam revisitedbalsam revisitedbalsam revisited

Here’s the second balsam compared to the first balsam. The first balsam (right) was too tight around my head so I knit the second one with one needle size all the way, and now you can see that after blocking the top and the bottom are wider than the first one. I do think it’s much more comfortable than the first one, tho I’d still like to make another one to see how it turns out 🙂

balsam revisited

balsam revisited

There’s also a little mystery project, the people from the curiosity thread on rav will know what this is, but for the rest of you I’d like to keep it a little secret for a little while longer 😉

Commelina wip

Commelina wip

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