Meet Deerception, where reindeer meets reindeer and stranded knitting meets intarsia.

The knitter in me really loves stranded knitting and crazy colors, but I realized quickly that I like these things because I’m a knitter. The people around me, usually don’t. (insert sad face).



I accepted the challenge and decided that the BF would wear a fair isle/ stranded sweater for Chrismas this year. I just had to work my way around the actual fair isle motifs.


The solution to my problem was simple. If a sweater, completely covered in fair isle motifs was too much, then the amount of fair isle would have to be reduced, and what better shape than a reindeer?

Deerception is a more fitted form of the old 90’s sweater our moms and grandmothers used to knit for us. The body is worked flat, and the sleeves are picked up and worked in the round.

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  1. Hi I’m currently knitting the deerception pattern which I bought on ravelry but wonder if you could help me? For the sleeves the pattern simply says repeat step 1 and 2 times but I’m not too sure what you mean? Sorry I’m still learning!!

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