For the past.. I can’t remember how long, my brother’s been telling me to watch an episode of Naruto, one of his (if not THE) favorite anime series out there. Since he got me addicted to Haruhi last time and I had to delete it from my hard drive to free myself (I was failing classes people come on..) I’ve been trying to avoid him (lol).

But I guess you really can run from things for so long and so I watched the first episode of Naruto with him. My brother was happy but my spidey senses tingled…. the episode of Naruto had done something…. it reminded me of how much I used to like drawing manga and how much I actually missed drawing stuff… or in this case… airbrushing :O

I told my brother I wanted to airbrush his favorite character on the back of his shirt and he came up with this guy named Jiraya. Obviously it’s not my design and since it’s nothing commercial I didn’t mind but I’d still like to link to where I found the design (since I don’t know who’s design it is either).

I haven’t done this in a while and I liked it so much I rearanged my desk again to fit my airbrushing needs 😀 😀 😀


it started out with a little black shirt (and yea I now… I need a better set up haha)


sketches had to be made, masks had to be cut out 🙂


the most important shapes were blocked out 🙂


and then the masks could be peeled off. I do realize it really looks crappy and that’s why I didn’t really want to show these pictures, but hey, I’ll fix it up 😉


and here’s where I left it. Last time I wanted to finish it in the same day and I got a little impatient. But now its different. I stopped and I will pick it up tomorrow or maybe the day after. After the shapes are blocked out the masked areas will be filled in. Then the transparant colors will be sprayed layer by layer until the image is done 🙂 (and obviously the borders won’t stay like the crisp lines they are now 😉

hope to have more pics later on 🙂

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