Mosey wip

These last two weeks have been incredibly busy. I’m working on a project and a few days before the mid-term presentation I realized the scale of the entire drawing was off and my plans ofcourse were all calculated with the wrong dimensions… argh.. Anyway, Murphy’s law dictated that the printers should fail as well and there you have it.. the perfect mid-term presentation… terrible..

Anyway, thank goodness for knitting then I guess, because I’ve been knitting a bit on mosey and all my stress and angst seemed to melt away. And while the stress was melting, the legwarmer was growing. I can’t wait to finish the left one 😀 This was actually the first time I knitted cables so I’m very very happy with the outcome. The only thing I realized after finishing the right leg was that I had forgotten to make a swatch..
I actually just started this project like the *** that I am and all I can do now is hope this stuff doesn’t grow or shrink too much…….. the size is perfect now…. argh 😛 Anyways I’ll keep you posted.

right leg moseyright leg mosey

the back and front side

left leg wip mosey

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