mitts FAIL

Fail… You’d think I’d learned to expect this by now…

You’d think that after allmost a year of public humiliation I’d learned to expect that when I don’t think and start knitting this automatically results in a FAIL πŸ˜› To the poor people who actually read this blog: I just hit the jackpot of all FAILS πŸ˜›

So what happened?

After searching the interwebs and rav for nice fall/ winter mitts for computerwork (armwarmers and such) I found this lovely pattern called Lacy mitts. I started this project a while ago using Drops alpaca yarn and 2,5mm needles. The yarn color was so dark I fudged the pattern and decided to frog it since its such a small knit anyway.

Anyway, so I started over again and then for some reason forgot about it. Yesterday, looking for something other than the CPH I found the knit again and, how else could it have gone, started knitting without checking the pattern. See this is where it went wrong, I thought the knit started from the elbow and then moved to the wrist and palm. I had forgotten that the pattern actually started from the other side…. so ofcourse I found out when it was way too late and the knit was already too long o add the thumb.

Before frogging I tried it on once more and realized the pattern didn’t really show, because of the color and the size of the needles. I tried out a few other colors but in the end decided the alpaca yarn was still the best choice but the needle size should be 3.0mm instead.

so what do I do? yes ofcourse! I just start knitting with the 3,0mm needles….. I don’t for a minute stop and think about the gauge change or the bigger needles… nooo I just start knitting…. what a shame… it actually looked good πŸ˜›

lacy mitts ARGH

but not on my hand…. πŸ˜› it’s so loose you can hardly see the lace pattern πŸ™

lacy mitts ARGH

you can’t really tell from the picture but this is the same with 2,5mm needle. The holes in this one are so small you can hardly see the lace pattern πŸ™

lacy mitts ARGH

it too big πŸ˜›

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