spinning and knitting girasole

The amount of singles I started with before going to France.. my fingers were going numb and purple but I was so proud once it was (wheel) plied.

spinning and knitting girasole

I have this much left.

I think I’m pretty happy with the breaks between spinning and knitting. Spinning is fun, but the (andean) plying is a total pain for my fingers. Either I’ll have to find a better way or I’ll have to make quicker jumps between spinning and knitting.

I’m in the middle of the first repeat of chart G, which means I’ll have to do another repeat and then I’ll have to knit the edging. I hope I can get through the charts with what I’ve got so I’ll only need to buy a little bit of fleece to finish the edging.
spinning and knitting girasole
So far I’ve got this little pile of rolags, and there’s still some left. I still can’t imagine how the process works and I’m still amazed at how spinning and knitting works.. how you can take a bag of fleece, spin it into yarn and knit a lace shawl is, even though I’m doing it, still beyond me.

spinning and knitting girasole
While knitting this one I can remember knitting the other Girasole, and I can vividly remember how shocked I was when I had blocked it and saw how different the shawl became once blocked. Now I can’t help but wonder how different this one will be, and if the yarn will behave the way I hope it will.
wip princess socks
I made a slight oopsie with my princess socks and I think I’ll rip back a few rows to fix the problem. It’s not a big problem, and I don’t think anyone will see the problem when I’m wearing the socks but I’d rather do it right. It’s a sock and it knits up so quickly so I’d rather fix the problem I guess.

wip princess socks
In case you haven’t seen it.. the first leaf has 6 rows of YO’s instead of 5…

So the coming few posts I’d like to show you what I’ve been doing in France this last week. I’ve seen a lot of nice things and I’ve picked up sketching again. I’m trying to get better at using watercolor pallets and working on quicker techniques. I’m a big fan of the Urban Sketchers and I just love to see people’s interpretations of the public realm. I’ve always liked to sketch but I’ve always felt a bit embarrassed to show my work, but I’ll never get any better if I don’t take that step.

View over Domme, France
I’ve never really done landscape drawings, so I’ll start with this one. This is the view towards the village of Domme, in France. It’s a very picturesque place on top of a high hill/ small mountain and has an amazing view over the valley. This is not the view over the valley but the view towards the village, with a little bit of the valley on the far right.

It’s a simple sketch and it’s really not that good, but I’m happy with the way it turned out and I’m hoping to get better 🙂

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