Future plans

Today is a happy day for me. My blog is 10  months old and has reached the 1000th post today 😀 When I started this blog in januari I hoped people would read my blog but didn’t expect anyone to actually visit hehe 🙂 So I’m having a good day hehe.

I might not have mentioned but the Commelina is actually also a destashing project. A while ago I received a huge amount of yarn from my grandmother because she stopped knitting. The thing is dat I haven’t been exactly sure what do to with the yarn and just put it in a bag in my closet. In the mean time some other exchanges have occurred and my stash has grown out of my closet (I have a small closet.. I’m a poor student lol). So the thing is I didn’t want to buy anymore yarn until finished a few destashing project. Obviously I haven’t kept my word and I already ordered four skeins of Drops Silke-Tweed from Wolhemel… *sigh*

garnstudio's yarn

To go back to the story: Commelina is being knit with the three first alpaca skeins I bought when I first started out knitting. The yarn is supersoft and the color is just radiant 😀

But besides the alpaca commelina project there’s more in the planning. I’m going to try to finish my modified CPH first since it’s getting cold and I’d like to wear it while knitting 😀 Then I’d like to focus on this yarn:

yarn balls

I still have a huge amount left so it should be enough for the truffle cardigan. I know the yarn is a little scratchy at first but I’m not intending to wear this cardigan without any shirts underneath. If it’s really horrible I might sew something soft on the inside.

For the Drops Silke Tweed I have other plans. I saw this pattern on Ravelry/ knitty and fell in love with it. Tho I do think I’ll have to make some minor andjustments (since I’m not a fan of bobbles but do ‘sorta’ like them on this pattern). Here’s Mangyle.

Anyway, I hope to finish commelina this week and I’ve already ordered a nice blocking set from Wolhemel so I can’t wait until I can properly block something without riksing insanity hihi 🙂

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