foiled again..

I don’t think I have to tell you, but I’ve had a severe case of the stupid for the past few days. I don’t mean to nag but I haven’t been able to focus a lot lateley. I’m having some trouble at the uni with the organization of my semester and feel I’ve been let down by the system I used to respect. There have been some internal communication errors and because of that my project was assessed by people who merely looked at the pictures and never even bothered to actuallly read the booklet… I know this because of the remarks they made on my project were explained in the text.

Anyway, I’ve sent an email objecting to the matter but ofcourse things take time and now I’m being stressed out instead of working on other project in a relaxed manner. I didn’t want to rant about it on the knitblog but I do this since I’m IRL knitting girlfriends (besides my kittens). I don’t wat to get into detail but I think it’s clear that I’m feeling pretty bummed right now, which means I’m fudging my knitting since I can’t even keep the 10% I need for a simple knit in check…. 😛

(I just don’t want you to think I’m stoopid hehe)

Here’s what happened. After the last post I frogged the whole mitt and started all over again. This time I made cast on 36 instead of 48 and tested it while I was still working on the ribbing. I apparently have small hands because the lace doesn’t end on the back of my hand but ends 1-2 cm around. I knit this with 3.0mm needles and Drops Alpaca yarn. After a while it looked like I had hoped and I attached the thumb. Here’s where it went wrong. After attaching the thumb you’re supposed to knit for 3 rounds in pattern and then start the decrease rounds. I forgot these and ended up with a very loose wrist……

If there’s one thing I truely hate it’s loose knits. I still have trauma’s from the ’80s and ’90s knits so I really really hate loose knits. So I frogged the thing again until right past the thumb (a good 10cm/4″) and, fixing the lace, continued in pattern with decrease rounds this time. Unfortunately the picture was taken earliers and I’m past the wrist now with again 36 stitches and it fits wonderfully 🙂

lacy mitts wip

lacy mitts wip

If you compare the lace pattern now and the lace pattern from the bigger version in the previous post its a huge improvement imho. It’s a little bit tight but I think I can fix that during blocking, since the lace won’t suck in as much and it will lie flat agains my hand. Since intend to use these mitts to keep my arms warm during computerwork the fit is very important. I already have warm warmers and wrist warmers but if they’re not extremely comfortable I won’t wear them simply because they annoy me 😛

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