FO: tiny things

Yay! I promised knitting and I have been knitting! Unfortunately I just haven’t been posting so there’s going to be two posts today!

I finished the “I heart cables” hat and it’s super cute! I’m going to be very honest here, when I read the pattern I wasn’t too sure about it. While knitting I wasn’t too sure about it. After finishing the knit and weavingt he ends I wasn’t too sure about it.

Only after washing and attaching the pompom I completely fell in love with it. I don’t know, it triggered some anxiety because the ribbing seemed waaay too big for a kids head, especially compared to the cabled hat. Before washing it just sucked in and it seemed it would never fit. But I was wrong (yay!) and it’s perfect and it looks so super adorable!

Either I’m not good with sizing or my kid has a big head hehe 🙂 Every time he puts this hat on he ‘turns into’ Sonic the Hedgehog. He runs around with his arms held back and he makes his own sound effects. It’s seriously too cute 🙂

I had also finished this little baby tee. I wanted to see what it the fabric would look like in simple crochet. I completely missized it and it’s too small for Melina so I don’t get to have it modeled 😛

Then while working on Ma’iqs hat I completely missized the hat as well (serves me right for binge watching and crocheting *facepalm*)

This is literally what happens when you don’t count, and don’t compare and can’t focus on one project at a time. I had just finished Ma’iqs sonic hat so the sizing was all wrong. The hat turned out.. well.. just look at it..

It looks.. well.. uhm..

She’s not impressed haha LOL I completely fudged the shaping as well so it’s only good for frogging now. Ahh well.. it’s back to the drawing board for me 🙂

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