FO: Princess socks

They’re done and I’m superhappy with them! This pattern knits up so fast it’s unbelievable! I love the pattern and I really needed a nice pair of longer socks!

I started knitting these in France and spent the whole drive back knitting them. They were actually done much quicker than I remembered but that might be logical because the second time is always easier. I’ve been knitting along happily and it took me quite a while to notice I forgot something..

There’s a crucial part to sock knitting which I hadn’t come to yet.. there’s no heel.

Are you kidding me..? well that’s nice 😛 I actually forgot to turn the heel, and it’s not even something I can ignore because the sock sags because there’s no heel. I’m happy I’m not afraid of learning new techniques and this is the right time to learn the afterthought heel.

I only realized I was actually missing a heel when I compared the pictures to the other projects and noticed the heel on the other projects. Even my own other project has a heel. How could I’ve forgotten about a heel…? A sock is not that complicated…? :S

Either way, for now, this is the FO and I might change the pictures later on (but I don’t think I will). I’ll have nice warm feet this year!

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