FO: practice sock

FO: test sock :)

Isn’t it pretty??? It’s my first ever made sock, and even though it was just a practice sock it actually fits me (tho a bit stretched out, there was no gauge) quite well 🙂 This little excersise has given me an answer to the question: why knit socks? In the one day I’ve worn them they’re already much more comfortable than my other socks, and it seems my feet can actually breathe.. which was a huge problem for me.. I sometimes get clammy feet when I wear normal socks, but I do have cold feet all the time so bare feet isn’t much of an option for me.

FO: test sock :)

These socks were knit with Wibra Saskia (I believe) on 3.0mm needles. I don’t have any pattern or gauge so I called them practice socks, but they’re from Silver’s sock class. Knitting two socks at the same time was interesting but I’m not sure if I’ll be using this method again. Shifting the needles and the loop to knit one sock after the other was a bigger pain for me than I imagine finishing one sock first and then starting the other.

I haven’t washed them yet because I’ve been wearing them constantly 😛 I need to knit new socks so I can wash these 😀

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