FO: Lelah Top

w00t! it’s done it’s done it’s done!!
Ok I think I might have to explain the absurd happiness… šŸ˜› See the thing is.. I actually finished it yesterday only to find out that it was too big.. like.. 20-25cm too big.. Ofcourse I had already forgotten the fact that I had switched to continental style mid-project and ofcourse my guage is different.. d’oh moment there.. I frogged the top part and redid the knitting. Anyway the cast-off is a bit tight so it’s holding itself so far without the elastic. I dont’ trust it enough to just leave it like this in public but so far (at home) it’s hoding up great. I might weave in some elastic or crochet some lace on top of it.. I’m not sure yet but so far I’m proud of it šŸ™‚
lelah survived my crazyness and the style change so all is good šŸ™‚

anyways, here’s some crappy webcam pictures šŸ™‚ (yea i know.. the bra…sush)


lelah blocking

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