FO: Kid Gohan Outfit

Here’s a secret project I’ve been working on for the last few weeks 🙂

I grew up watching Dragonball with my younger brother and I have some very nice memories of those days. Dragonball is nostalgia and frankly a lot of fun to watch.

A whlie ago we started re-watching the old (and the new) episodes with a group of cousins and so when I heard my cousin was pregnant with a baby boy I knew I was going to make this for her.

I picked out my colors and I made a few swatches and decided to just go ahead and just start. I don’t have a pattern and I don’t really think I need one for something like this. Before having kids I had a lot of trouble gauging kids sizes, but now it comes a lot easier.

In the end it came out exactly as I thought it would. Except for the text on his shirt obviously. I can’t read what it says and honestly embroidering calligraphy is really frikken hard.

I chose Scheepjes Merino Soft for this outfit because it’s machine washable and suuuper incredibly soft. For the tail I chose Scheepjes Panda.

While searching for the pictures I came across this picture! I completely forgot to post it! This is my root haul this year! First time planting beetroot and I’m super excited about them! Next year I’m planting more!

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