FO: Hew

FO hew

Pattern: Hew, by CanarySanctuary
Size: 36″
Yarn: handspun merino 18,5 micron from wol-uniek

And here it is.. my first ever FO with handspun yarn. There’s a lot of things wrong with my version of ‘hew’ and I might even be a bit disappointed because of some external factors which will be discussed soon, but as this is my first ever handmade, handspun project I’ve fallen deeply in love with it… what short-comings? šŸ˜€

So here’s the deal, my handspun gauge and the original gauge didn’t match, so I made a swatch (which obviously I forgot to wash) and calculated from there. I’m completely unaware, at this point, that handmade yarn can also stretch after blocking… šŸ˜› So I took the fresh yarn with me to a trip to Croatia and knit, mostly, in the car. As you may have guessed you can’t really try something on while sitting in a car… So what I noticed a bit too late is that the whole thing is a bit too long šŸ˜›

Anyways, I can live with my hew being too long and a bit too wide, that’s no problem.. I could say I’m leaving some space for growth (you never know… :P). But then there’s the other thing…. .I managed to lose weight……… tho it’s just a little bit on the scale obviously it’s a bit more in circumference…. so now it’s not only too wide because of the yarns stretchyness… it’s actually too wide because I shrunk… WTF?!

This might be the only time I’ll actually be bummed out about losing weight…

FO hew

This actually shows in the back where the whole thing tends to get a bit loose untill (while I don’t notice from the front) it hangs down my back (quite a romantic look tho)

FO; hewtyyyyyyyz (a secret message from my kitty)

Anyway, I still totally love this vest and I’ll be wearing it quite a lot šŸ™‚ It’s nice and warm and still has an airy feel to it. It looks nothing like the original hew in my opinion, which is quite a shame as I was going for that but the cotton just didn’t really look all that good as garter rib so I gave up on it quite quickly.

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