FO: Handspun EZ Anniversary Camping half circle

It’s finally done and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. The yarn is my own handdyed and handspun singles of ‘Schottish wool’ and the pattern is EZ Anniversary Camping half circle.

The process of the dying and spinning can be found in the archives of finished objects.

The early pictures made me think the shawl was going to become very small but after the blocking the shawl became as wide as 62″ across so I’m pleased.

It’s not the softest wool but maybe that’s why the singles behave this good without a lot of twist. The fiber is really clingy and strong. Because of the rougher fiber I wanted a shawl I could wear in the winter, especially over my winter coat (pictured above). Something to keep my shoulders and ears warm but not something that has to be underneath the coat (since it’s quite a tight fit).

I absolutely love the way it turned out and I can’t wait to wear it in the winter. However there’s one big thing I’ve learned working on this project. Next time I won’t mix up the colors and allow for a gradient from the first color to the last color. Now there’s stripes all over the place but next time I’ll make sure to keep the colors together some more. I believe this will make for a nicer project.

Either way I’m really happy with the results, there’s something really satisfying about knitting with your own handspun yarn!

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