FO: Blackberry hat

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I finally have another FO to show you, I guess that’s the less appealing part of working on designs.. I hardly get anything done 😛

Blackberry hat!

Hello, it’s my head. I finished the Blackberry hat by Penelope Craft owner Malia Mather, and I’m very happy with it 🙂 I’ve been wearing it a lot the past few days 🙂

I don’t really have a ‘hat-head’ and I generally look stupid when wearing hats (though I stubbornly wear them and pretend I look like some aloof fashion model *le sigh*), but this hat is performing miracles on my head (and I like it very much).

Pretending to look good is hard work people!

Blackberry hat!

I had never knit with linen before, but I’m very happy with the results. I have an unreasonable fear of damaging my hands and wrists.. there’s a lot of things I simply do not do or touch. I know it doesn’t work this way, but tendonitis and carpal tunnel ‘run in my family’, by which I mean to say that most of my aunts and uncles (and my grandmother) have needed hand/wrist surgery because of the pain. I have very tiny wrists (I know that doesn’t have to be a reason), but there’s definitely some things I can’t do.
One of those things is using cotton for either knitting or crochet.

So to be very honest I was a bit scared that I might not be able to finish the project (even if it’s just a wee hat), but the yarn is very comfortable to knit with. I did feel a bit of a strain after a time so I took my time and put it away for a few days before working on it again.

After the washing the yarn became very soft and cozy, and now I’m wearing it while I type this blog post.

In the mean time I’ve been working on some other projects. I’ve always liked to dye fiber and yarn, but I’ve taken it to a ‘next level’ the past few tries. I tried to dye with natural dyes (like the walnuts), but I’ve also used food coloring gels, and I’m very pleased with the results!

Before I ‘discovered’ these gels I worked with the liquid food coloring dyes, unfortunately these are only available in a limited amount of colors. There’s yellow, red, blue and green. That’s about it, or at least these are the only colors that most shops have available.

Lucky for me the baking of pies and working with fondant has taken off the past few years and there’s more material that’s readily available for dye fans. I used the brown and black dyes on the corriedale, but I’ve also tried the purple dye on some yarn and I’m not displeased in the least.

dyed with food coloring gel

I dyed these in a pot and only added the dye when the yarn was already in the pot. I was tyring to see what would happen. I know you ‘should’ add the dye first and then add the yarn, but it was a very interesting experiment. I love to dye, but I don’t want the perfect dyed effect where all the colors are perfectly even and you can’t really see it’s hand dyed.
I wanted the color to break and the yarn to have a more lively effect, which is exactly what I got. Very interesting 🙂

I’d like to leave you with this simple note. I believe that life is way too short to make all the mistakes yourself. Sometimes you need to learn from other peoples mistakes. I encourage you to learn from this latest mistake I made.

If you own a coffeepress (as I do) and like your coffee nice and strong, please be sure to remember that it actually is possible to overdue it. I left the press for a bit too long and when I came back I pushed the plunger down (slowly) and boom..


It was everywhere.. the entire kitchen.. 😛

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  1. I love all those wonderful shades of purple that you got! But… I didn’t even know you could do that with a coffee press. How?!

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