Finishing up..

The past few months have been a bit hectic for me. Between university, moving, graduation, work and all other things that compete for attention in my life, there’s been a bit of a chaos. But it’s going to stop now and I’ll be going to make sure of it.

There a long list of works in progress that have been wip’s for quite a long time. One of them is from January 2011… I’m going to finish up the knits and I’m going to organize the stash, since it’s grown out of proportion since I ‘inherited’ the loom.

I’m trying to get back to the ‘zen’ state of mind where I can do all the things I want to do without them bleeding into eachother and me having to sit and cry in a corner. So I started out with this:

I’m a big fan of flowers and plants but ever since we have cats I’ve been afraid of having plants in the house because cats dig 😛 I did notice that if the plant seems bigger than the pot and there’s no place for the kitty to actually sit in the pot.. (like this picture)

they won’t sit/ lie/ sleep/ pee/ dig or do anything else to the plant. So I’m constantly checking the plants and the kitties but they seem to behave. To be sure they won’t gnaw on my chives (because noodles used to do that all the time) we grew them some cat grass and all is well now.

The plants make me very happy but there’s more to decoration and coziness than just plants. so I got some cute candles and I bought these little monsters:

I wasn’t sure I’d find nice pumpkins this year and I wasn’t going to pay a fortune for the little pumpkins you can find here, but I accidentally ran into these! (and they’re huge!!). So there’ll be some carving and there’ll be some pumpkin pie! (with pecan topping *drool*).

I’m also already working on finishing up and making plans for what I’m going to start on once I’m done with these projects. One of my new rules is that I want to plan projects again and I want to buy nice (sometimes expensive) yarns for these nice projects. I’m getting more and more addicted to spinning which means I’m constantly trying to spin for all my knitting but it’s not really working because I’m constantly out of yarn when I want to knit and out of fleece when I want to spin…

I finished one of the princess socks and cast on for the other one, and I’m thinking I’ll be done quite soon with the other one. Then I’m going to finish the smaller projects I have left and once those are done I’ll pick up the bigger ones.

And then I did this:

It was a nice ‘getting-to-know-you’ experiment with my new loom but the yarn was too weak to be used as wheft. I should’ve known but I’m stubborn that way. It made a nice fabric anyway and I’m feeling sorry that I had to take it off but I have something better planned so I’m not too sad.

This project is part of a destash, but it’s odd because I had to buy two balls of yarn to be able to start the destash. In this light I’m not even sure I can call it a ‘destash’, but it’s my blog so I will.. HAHA!

I seem to have a lot of wibra 100% acrylics yarn in my stash in colors that don’t match. For instance, most of the wibra yarns are great and look very nice, but the grey looks horrible imho. It has this really ‘fake’ look about it and so it doesn’t match well with the other colors. So not able to use the grey means I’m stuck with red, black, dark brown and purple.. not really my kind of match, so I’ll have to buy other colors to match these colors so I can use the stash (if this makes any sense at all..)

Besides finishing up there’s some better organizing to be done. I noticed I wasn’t too happy with this:

The yarn is too drapey to be used as yarn for a sturdier kind of cardigan. I bought this yarn for the cardigan I think the following yarn would be much better:

I’ve wanted to use this yarn for something for a really long time but I’ve always been unsure about the yardage so I never used it. Now I know I have over 1.100 yards of this yarn and in case of an emergency there’s the mosey legwarmers that were knit with this yarn as well.

I hugely fudged up the mosey pattern so I’ve been dying for a reknit anyway.

The dark brown yarn I’ve reclaimed will be reused for this little project. It’s not the link to the pattern but the link to the version of the pattern I like best. I really don’t like the sleeves so this is really what I’d like to knit.

I was dying to try them out and I’m loving the sock knitting so I ordered three skeins of drops delight from finlandia import. They do look a bit fragile and I’m not sure about how sturdy they will be, but they will become socks either way 😀

Check this out! the BIL came over someswhere in in the summer and decided it would  be funny to plant fresh pepper seeds. Now they look like this and the yellow and red pepper are doing great! The red habanero is not doing that well and I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about it.. the red habanere is the hottest pepper in the world and if it gives any peppers we’ll have to eat them right..?

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