Last time I ran out of yarn before I could run out of edging. A 10 repeat gap is the end result and I’m still unhappy about it. So when I started out spinning and knitting my own Girasole I thought I’d have enough to knit the blanket version. I love shawls but I’d like something bigger to keep me warm in the winter, but I don’t like to carry around the weight of an entire blanket.

So I started out with a 5.0mm needle and knit (and spun) on. Last time I used two balls of Jaggerspun Zephyr (about 1150m) and didn’t have enough for the edging, now I’ve spun up 833m and I only have this much fleece left…

It may seem like a lot but I’m not sure if it’ll give me more than 400m, because I’ll need that much.. However this time I’m comforted by the thought that it’s a handspun yarn and the brown Wensleydale sheep are still walking around on a farm just around the corner! I love knowing I won’t run out of yarn this time around! *le sigh of relief*

The last hank of 2-ply resulted in some 300m. It’s a bit difficult to predict the amount of yarn I’ll be able to spin out of the fleece because it’s still greasy and not very clean. I guess washing fleece is a learning process and I’m going to need a lot more experience to make it work for me.

I’m posting this as I’m sitting in the October sun in the southern part of France and I’d like to show you the sweet little kitty that came looking for attention on animals day (October 4). I miss our cats 🙁

And because it was really too hot to work on the girasole I started these again. Pretty princess socks for me 🙂

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