*sigh* sometimes things look better in your imagination than in real life. And so.. the space invaders knit became the space invaders FAIL. I frogged the whole thing and decided to start thinking about yarn combo’s first before starting head on… I don’t have that much time to knit so the time I spend knitting should be more efficient than knitting a half front piece only to frog it the same day…. -_-‘
The first problem was that I totally suck at changing colors while knitting and I messed up.. the parts that have two colors are knitted tighter than the parts without, which makes the knit all wobbly… argh.. the other problem was a slight miscalculation on my part.. this top alien layer would’ve been the last layer before the neckline started.. I had planned at least 2 more alien rows…

I’m giving this one another try with some nicer yarn and a smaller needle I think, but it’ll have to wait.

space invaders FAIL

Anyway, where space invaders died Onerva stood up. I’m using the Rowan Tapestry yarn I was using on the space invaders knit. It’s a very lacy scarf and it’s very very pretty.
Onerva wip

Onerva wip

Onerva wip

I really love the pattern but I’m not that crazy about the yarn… it’s a little too ‘hippy’ for my taste… maybe it’ll grow on me…?

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