Creating facepalm situations…

I have mastered it..

There’s a number of things I’ve done but first I’m going to start with an FO!

I haven’t had any real FO’s for a while so I’m really pleased with myself. Even tho I’m adding this little jailbird to a sad post such as this.. I like this knit because it’s my own ‘design’, if you can even call it a design. The method used for this design is the Tailored Sweater Method by Tuulia, which is a top-down knitting method that creates the illusion that the garment is knit in different pieces and is sewn together.

I’ve been looking for a simple sweater for the fall season which would be airy but comfy as well. I tried knitting long sleeves first but they were too hot for this purpose.

So here’s the not-so-cool part. After the second time I had worn my tangled yoke cardigan I accidentally threw it in the dryer and this happened…

And this is what it looked like before:

I’m not sure about what I think of it right now. I’m not sure if I like it or not. It’s nice and warm, but I feel like it’s completely lost its shape when I accidentally killed it 🙁

What I’m really sure of is that I’ll knit another one, probably with handspun yarn.

The zipper wasn’t a great idea but I really wanted to try it once, and I thought this would be a good experiment. I’m still happy about trying it because now I know what I’ll have to do better next time. The knitted yarn tends to stretch but once it’s sewn it can’t get back to its original shape.. It’s not completely my fault either.. we got a new washing machine and it’s a washing machine and dryer in one, so when I put it the knits to run the spin cycle I accidentally turned on the dryer as well.. the socks were nice and warm tho 😀

I’m planning on knitting another one from the handspun yarn. This time I’ll try knitting it top down and I’ll use my own measurements. Not to criticize but I really wasn’t too pleased with the pattern. It’s a great design but seriously it’s written like the person reading it is an idiot. The result is that the pattern is extremely long and that there are a lot of moments when the explanation became more confusing than helpful.

I won’t stick to the pattern once I’m past the yoke anyway.

Unfortunately when I put the socks and the tangled yoke cardigan in the dryer, I also put my vaila sweater in the dryer. This means the alpaca is slightly felted but thankfully not much, so it’s still wearable. I might need to lose some weight and I might only wear it when it’s really really cold out, but it’s still good to know I haven’t ruined that sweater as well..

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