Today was the second rest day of the Tour and I decided to try out a tutorial I found on knitty.. it’s rather old and I bet most of you’ve already seen it but I guess it won’t hurt to read it again. It’s about making a batt and a roving with handcards. It’s also a great tutorial on how to blend fibers and colors on the handcards.

I tried it out.. let me show you 😀

To be honest.. I can’t get enough.. I love my little batt so much I don’t want to spin it at all…:| (not a good development..). I never thought I could make a batt and how I luurvvvee to look at batts and drool over my keyboard.

I’ve only recently became good friends with my student handcards and they did an awesome job today

I started out by sorting the fiber on weight and color in batches of about 20-30 grams. Then I divided them into eight parts and started blending the colors until I was happy.

I imagine that blending color by unsing handcards is a faster process than blending while using a drumcarder. I think this because I blended in 3-4 passes and only then I felt the colors were really blended. A drumcarder would be very awesome because of the amount of fleece than can be processed at one time, but for blending something like this I’m happy enough to use my handcards for now. I promised myself that I would only think of buying a drumcarder once I finished a number of blended projects using my handcards. Right now I’m on 2.5 🙂

I blended all of the parts and ended up with a nice stack of mini-batts to stretch out. This stretching out of the mini-batts is a real pain and I still can’t manage a nice (especially *even*) batt, but I’m getting there (or I will at some point).

As you can see here it still looks a little lumpy and after the first stretch there’s a big difference between the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ side.

The second pass is much easier and quicker than the first and after some stretching the resulting batt looks a little like this:

After a few attempts I’ve found that teasing the mini-batts with one handcard to stretch them out works wonders! I’m really happy with this conclusion because it was rather frustrating to blend all that fiber only to mess it up and to have to redo it.

By now I’ve managed to card 4 batts, a total of about 100 grams worth of fiber. I love how the colors variate a bit and how the silk gives the batts a soft sheen. I’m trying to get the colors to match as much as possible though I’m not going to be too fussy about it. Once all the carding is done I’ll organize the batts to make a gradient and then I’ll start spinning. I’d like the colors to blend as much as possible and to avoid self striping yarn..

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