As it turns out…

…the end of the Tour is not the end of my spinning spree.. if anything I’m only getting warmed up for more spinning! The weather is turning into a nice crapfest which means it’s cold and rainy all day every day. So I guess I’m not done with fiber that soon! Anyhoo, this years Tour was a huge success for me and I’d like to tell you why.

For someone who hasn’t been spinning that long and is in the middle of her graduation and just relocated to another city I think I’ve managed pretty well with ‘just’ two yarns. I’m super proud of them both and I’m extremely happy I joined this year and I’ll be sure to do so every year from now on!

The biggest challenge was the fiber prepping. I’ve spun roving and combed top before but large scale fiber prepping with hand cards was new to me. I also added spinning with a spindle to the challenge list because that’s also something I haven’t been doing for a very long time. There are some pictures of the TdF spinning here and here.

I managed to finish 300m of 4-ply which counts a little bit as TdF yarn as well because I spun two of the 4 plies during the Tour.

This is a bobbin full of nice 4-ply and I even had another bobbin with some more because it wouldn’t fit on this one bobbin anymore. I knit a swatch and I still really like the effect. I’m very happy I chose to make a true 4 ply but I’ll do the rest of the spinning on a wheel.. It took a very long time to spin on the spindle and to be honest I think I’d rather spin some peachy merino-silk on it anyway.

The yarn became more even than I thought I’d produce on a spindle so it’s a little success on its own either way. I chose to leave the fluffy parts in to accentuate the ‘handspun’ irregular effect of the yarn. If I’m bothered by it in the final knit I can always carefully trim them off, but for now I think I like the effect. In the end they will felt a little and add to a tweedy effect.

I sorted the singles on weight and I’m starting to think I’d best do it by meterage instead next time because I ended up having three plying balls left for next time.

Since my spindle was empty again I started to spin the peachy batts I’ve been carding during the Tour, and I’m loving it already!

The spindle has just the right weight to make nice and even singles that I hope will become a nice sock weight (or maybe a little heavier) yarn. I’ve already made a little swatch with a 2.5mm needle just to see what it would look like and I’m loving it. The swatch is a little less well blended than the batts are but it gives a nice general idea.

I’m going to make another Rosalie because you might remember how happy I was with my first design and how crappy I felt when I killed it… I even like the felted version.. it’s fitted and it has short rows so it can fit a small person… just not me.. I’m too fat.. *le sigh* I still have it tho..the small little felted sweater that was once my happy first design..

anyway, so I’m doing a re-make of my first design so I can finally step over the dramatic loss (lol).

Though I loved every day of the tour, the last week was really hard because I really really really felt like knitting something. So at some point I just sinned and started knitting a sweater I’m calling Jailbird. It’s a very simple sweater inspired by this sketch I made a while ago.

See the one on the far left..? 😀 I love the Tour but I’m happy I can knit again (lol), but it also helped me to spin some more so I think in the end I can safely say it was a huge success and I’ll keep the Tour as a summer ritual w00t.. now off to some knitting 😀


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