withdrawal symptoms…

in the knitting world is something that does not exist. I tried.. but I can’t.. the more I try not to start all kinds of things all at once the harder it becomes to resist the temptation. There are so many fabulous projects and patterns out there and every time I see one I just want to cast on. On the other hand I can be extremely difficult. For instance I still have 3 hanks of malabrigo sock in terracotta and one 1.5 hanks of malabrigo sock in botticelli red for which no project is good enough… ok except for the knotty gloves I knit myself this winter.

So let me show you what I’ve been working on:

In hindsight I think it would’ve been better had I spun a 2 ply instead of a navajo ply. I would’ve had more yarn and it wouldn’t have been so dense. But it’s all good I guess. Since the yarn’s a bit thicker than the malabrigo it’s a bit bigger, but that’s ok since I’m knitting this for my mom and her hands are a little bit bigger than mine.

I spun a bit of shetland (gray) to make the gloves a bit longer (because of the 3 ply I ended up with less yarn than expected). I’m happy with the way it’s turning out. It’s becoming a dense fabric which (in the Netherlands) is a very good thing because of the chilly winds we get here in the winter. It does, however, hurt my hands when I work on it too much. So it’s a good thing I’ll only need them in a few months šŸ˜›

I also worked on this here:

The pattern’s name is Elin and it’s awesome! I really like this pattern because it’s covers the areas I need to have covered when I work on the computer for long periods of time. Most of my work is either type work or drawings (mouse) work so I need something to keep my wrists warm without covering my fingers (because of the typing). This one is really great! Still need to knit another one and finish this one up but I already notice the difference it makes.

And then there’s this

I started the apple blossom stole last week when I was sitting in the sun with my mom without having any knitting with me. I’d already seen the pattern but the crochet part had scared me off good. I’m not really scared of crochet, it’s just that I grew up thinking that the only thing that works with crochet isĀ pot-holders. Mind you this is a time when I didn’t know about ravelry and my mom taught me how to crochetĀ pot-holdersĀ andĀ granny-squares. Later on when I tried to crochet something it didn’t work out because obviously I had been taught something about crochet but I didn’t know the names of all the stitches and then there was the difference between US and UK crochet. Then I just gave up altogether.

So now I’m back and I’m absolutely loving it!

Oh yea.. then there’s this

Ok this one needs some explanation.. ever since I first saw this pattern I wanted to knit one.. then I did try and then I sucked.. I didn’t understand top down knitting so I tried toe-up conversion and ended up with a sock that would go on my foot but wouldn’t go off.. don’t ask..

Then I just gave up and forgot about knitting this pattern. After all this time (it’s been a year) I still thought this sock was a toe-up sock and therefore never started again. Until now.. this is the same yarn that wouldn’t work for me with the sidewinders (well.. I couldn’t make it work because I had the stupid). I’m really happy with how it’s working out.

Besides all of this I’ve been fighting with this little thing for over a week..

There was a ‘little’ knot… then I dropped the ball and it fell off the stairs.. then there was a tangled mess and there was no yarn… It took my mom and I a whole weekend to untangle the mess… had to cut it at 2 places because it wouldn’t budge and at one point the yarn just snapped… 100% silk.is.the.devil.

My grandmother gave me this yarn a few years ago but I somehow forgot about it.. that is.. until I had to pack my stashette to move into the new house.. obviously I chose to keep a few yarns with me (which is becoming all of these projects as we speak) and so I’m going through yarn withdrawal (which could be the cause of this startitis mess).

I’m obsessed with yarn and knitting.. omg.. when did this happen…? what’s happening to meeeee….

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