wip update

Last week I ordered a ballwinder and a swift over the internet. Two days ago the ballwinder arrived.. today the swift dropped by..

…wait for it…

…waaiitt fooor iiiit…..

YAAAAAYYYYYY!!! W000H000000!!! 😀

ok so I’ve been wallwinding for a while so I fiiinally cast on for these preeetty legwamers by designer Susan Power called Mosey! Ok so I’m not very far yet but still! I’m loving it already 🙂 I’m using the sheepwool I bought last week from regenboogschaap.nl and it’s turning out quite niceley (the 1,5″ I’ve done so far..)



yarn balls

mosey wip

ahh.. the evolution of yarn.. 🙂

anyways, last post I was crying about the epic fail called my-try-at-the-print-o-the-wave-scarf. So I started over with a 3,5mm/ US4 and finished 5 repeats. I’m very happy with the way it looks now 😀

print o the wave wip

though after an hour of knitting I noticed something weird on my knitpro needles.. now wtf is that?!

print o the wave wip

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