Why I’m doomed..

Curse you Pinterest! ..Flickr! ..Ravelry! ..(just add every awesome site you love here)!

I have way too many hobbies. There are so many things I like (and like doing) it’s not even funny anymore. I new I liked knitting, and then I fell in love with spinning (which I still like). Now there’s gardening and embroidery to add to the list. I already liked drawing and my ‘actual job’, which is architecture/ urbanism, so why not just add something else to the mix.

Let me take a moment to appreciate the fact that I’m not a social kind of person. Don’t get me wrong, I like to hang out with friends and family, but most of all: I just like to be left alone to spend all my time making sure I have less and less time to spend with other people.

Thank you Internet.

Thank you Pinterest.

Thank you, thank you Flickr!

So back to the evil masterplan. I have a lot of old denim lying around and I’m planning on using it as practice material for my first attempt at quilting. I’ve done some sewing in the past so sewing straight lines should (emphasis on should) not be an issue. I also have a bit of an obsessive streak that might come handy with precision quilting 😛

Before starting my new quilting hobby, I had already caught the embroidery/ cross stitch bug. I feel I’m more comfortable with cross stitch, so I decided on a (rather large) cross stitch project to get me started. I really needed something for during the day. The project I’m working on right now will become 30 x 47 cm, and I’m working in squares of 50 stitches (slightly smaller than 10 cm squares).

If found an awesome painting on Pinterest (which is what I’m making right now), and I’ve already contacted the artist for permission to post it on the blog. If she gives her permission that would be awesome, if she’s not comfortable with it, then I won’t be able to publish much about this project. It’s a personal project meant for practice.

Right now it’s looking something like this. I started out using the smaller ring, but this one is more comfortable. I’m really excited about this project because it’s so nice and brainless. The only drawback was the fact that I didn’t own a thimble (one that would fit me that is). I have small hands (apparently) and the ones I did have were all big. Thankfully, I found one in my size today when I visited the quiltshop.

Though I really like cross stitching, it really needs a lot of light. So I spent my evenings knitting. This here is the ‘party in the back’ sock, I’m knitting for Levi, my cousin’s BF. He seems like a very serious kind of guy when you first meet him, but he has quite a sense of humor, the sneaky devil. So these socks really do match his personality (in my opinion, he might not agree).

In other news: the plants are doing very well! We’ve had some nice warm weather these past few weeks/ days, and I’ve been watering and caring for them to the best of my abilities. We have a lot of wind and not much shelter, so I have to take some of the plants inside during the nights.

The Syrah grape and the banana plant are really not a fan of cold winds, so these are the only plants that currently ‘live’ indoors.

I meant to plant the petunia’s earlier, but then I discovered a huge, fat slug, eating its way through my plants. YUCK! I gently picked it up with a stick and ‘freed’. It can have all the grass and the trees, but please stay out of my petunia’s. (the gate is meant for the bunnies. They spent some time eating my blueberry plant and my Syrah’s leaves, so no balcony time for them, until I’ve managed to raise the plants a bit so they can’t reach them. Zuzu thankfully survived :).

I know that it takes time for a plant to start growing again once it’s been replanted, but this little guy is really taking his sweet time. I can finally see some new buds and leaves starting to grow, but for a while there I thought this little guy wasn’t going to live 🙁

It’s a dwarf sized lemon tree, and I really can’t wait to see what it’ll look like when it’s grown up 🙂

I know it’s really  not much of a big deal, but I’ve never planted bulbs before in my life, so I’m pretty stoked. The gladiolus (am I spelling this right?) are growing and I’m really looking forward to seeing them bloom.

It’s also the first time I’ve attempted to grow cilantro. The tiny little leaves are looking so cute!

This is the second ‘patch’ of gladiolus. The straws are anti-kitty and are meant to deter the cats from digging and using the pot as their personal kitty litter.

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  1. I completely understand about getting hooked on way too many hobbies! I’m also a natural introvert, so at least crafting time doesn’t have to compete with socialization time much. I’m looking forward to more details about your quilting and embroidery projects!

    PS I nominated you for a Liebster award!

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