wastin’ time..

you never really know how much time you spend doing nothing until you find a way to make it tangible. Like spindling. I don’t spend entire days spindling, but somehow in the past three weeks I managed to card and spin somewhere between 50-60 grams of 2 ply laceweight. I’m not sure about the weight because I weighed it before washing and a whole lot of dirt came off the yarn during the wash, so I can’t really tell. But the prewashed yarn weighed 60gr/ 2.1oz.

Spindling scares me somewhat. It’s easy to do, and you don’t have to spend an entire day or grab any huge tools. You just need to handcard (in my case, which is just fine) and you need a spindle. But this is not the scary part, no, what’s scary is the proof. The amount of yards or the weight of the fleece that you can process and spin while waiting for other stuff. Or while relaxing 30 minutes a day. It’s huge.

I spun a good 320 meters of 2ply with the turkish. If I would’ve had to spin this with my wheel it wouldn’t have happened just yet, because when I’m working on my graduation project or other stuff I can’t allow myself to take a day off. But I can take short breaks from time to time. It’s all computer work so I’ll need to take breaks if I want to keep using my arms.. and spindling is awesome for breaks.

So I decided that I’d have more chance finishing the adult tomten if I chose my weapon more carefully and went for a spindle instead of the wheel. But it would need something much heavier than the .6oz turkish..

chocolate wensleydale

What do you know.. it works for plying as well…

It’s a 3″ tsunami with a cherry whorl and a walnut shaft. A Golding obviously. The first of many to come I can tell you that much… I’m addicted and I really really really love this spindle. For those of you who are interested: it’s lying on a handwoven Iranian gilim made by nomads. And yes.. it’s a coffee stain.. I need to wash the poor gilim.

chocolate wensleydale

Before I laid down the gilim (and  a blanket underneath) I was happily spinning on the concrete balcony when I dropped the spindle… it really takes some getting used to.. .6oz to 1.9oz.

I cried.. (ok internally but I was so frickin bummed!) I cleaned it out a bit and then I softly sanded it and this is what it looks like now. It was worse.. I kind of convinced the BF that this is what he should buy me for my brithday (in JUNE….) I still feel a bit sad, but it’s okay I guess.. spindles need to be used 🙂 I hope it still loves me.

chocolate wensleydale

Unwashed but still pretty. It had been washed, but not quite thoroughly. The yarn looks a bit matt with the grease and dirt. Still pretty tho.

chocolate wensleydale

Here’s the yarn after a good washing and thwacking. Yeaahhh I can see your haloooo..

handspun chocolate wensleydale girasole

And yes, of course I needed to cast on immediately! The yarn is very light and airy, and it’s got such a nice halo. The pictures don’t do it justice but they come close enough. There’s a huge difference in color when it’s it the light or in the shadow, the sunlight gives it a really warm glow.

handspun chocolate wensleydale girasole

As the swatch predicted, the extra twist in the unwashed yarn was really necessary because the yarn was being held together by lanolin and dirt..

I’ve also been working a bit on the EZ’s anniversary shawl and I’m doing the final chart now. I like the colors and I hope the blocking will help the colors and pattern blend a bit.

handspun EZ 100th anniversary shawl wip

Right now the colors are a bit overwhealming, but I’m hoping that blocking will create a bigger distance between the colorchanges, and the holes will make it a bit airier.

gifted bunny down

I’ve been gifted a bag of bunny fuzz! It’s so incredibly soft I can’t believe it! I got it from the lady next door. I was spinning and plyingon the balcony and she told me she had been saving it up for me! I still can’t believe it, that’s such a nice thing to do!

gifted chiengora

I’ve also been gifted a whole lot of doggy fur. This is a huge (because the rest isn’t pictured) donation made by Pip, my friends Maltezer x Shitzu (spelling?). She’s the most adorable little doggy and gets a haircut every now and again.. some bits are a bit short but most of them are long enough to spin.

I’m planning to spin something nice for both ladies, since they were both so kind to give me fiber from their pets. I’m not sure what I should blend it with tho.. hmmmm 🙂

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