guess what came in with the mail today!? w00tness!! It’s my copy of Fitted Knits! I’m so happy πŸ™‚

Why am I happy? (duh..)

See the thing is, I’m lazy when it comes to thinking and calculating. I know it’s not a hard thing to do but I’m just very very lazy, it’s so lame I know, but I’m the kind of person who’d actually copy a pattern only to find out that it’s fitting so-so. Then ofcourse I’d have to either frog it, give it away or just wear it for the sake of wearing it.. I don’t think I’d like to continue being like this.. it sucks and it’s way too time consuming πŸ˜›

So in order to change my bad habbits I need to be able to *correctly*Β  manipulate patterns… and that’s why this book is very very helpful πŸ™‚ (ofcourse there’s 25 very nice patterns in the book as well and I’ve already seen a few additions to my wardrobe collection in there :D)

Anyways, here’s something else I’m thinking of as of late. A few years back I bought this machine knitted acrylic stuff shirt at some sale and I’ve only worn the thing twice. It has a high collar but no sleeves… actually the thing is very useless and the longer I had to look at it in my closet the more I started to hate the damned thing. So I actually frogged it…
Yea.. it turned out to be a double DK weight yarn and it’s a LOT of yarn I tell you… I only did one side and it was good for two BIG balls of yarn… πŸ˜› I’m actually very happy I did it because it’s cheap and (yea it’s ugly acrylic but its FREE!! and I’mΒ a student..) it’s a LOT πŸ™‚

Anyways, I’ve already found a pattern for this baby πŸ™‚ It’s called the Tantric Puzzle TopΒ and it’s on Ravelry. Yea I know it’s getting warmer and I know it’s spring and all but in Holland spring or summer does not always equal sun and warm weather.. πŸ˜›
If I have some yarn left at the end I’m definately going to make the Lelah TopΒ again.. I tried it once with the blue alpaca yarn but it wasn’t much of a succes!
cradle to cradle

Anyways, I’ve been checking my posts a bit since I started hosting on my own domain and I have to say I kinda suck at organizing :S From now on I don’t want to mix everything together.. Yea just don’t want to post two or three times a day but this way I’m screwing up my tags and that can’t be good πŸ™‚

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