urban farming

is serious business you guys. I know this is a knitting and fiber related blog, but I guess sustainability falls under the same umbrella as handicrafts and (what I’m eventually hoping to end up doing:) homesteading. So growing my own fruits and vegetables is a real dream, and now that I have a garden it’s another step closer than it was a few years ago. My dad built me some amazing raised beds because I was too pregnant to bend over, but also because I want Ma’iq to be able to run and play in the yard without killing all of my plants. Win-win.

One of the things that say “garden” to me is a huge Wisteria. So I got one. It’s not so huge yet, but it will be. I Β planted it in this tiny little bucket for the time being, because the yard work isn’t nearly done yet. I still have two raised beds to fill with plants, and one of those will have a little spot for this wisteria.

I’m a complete sucker for fruit trees. As an Iranian woman I needed to have a pomegrenate tree. Yes Pomegrenate. The divine fruit. It grows in zone 8b and if it grows, then I want to have it! This little baby is waiting for a bigger pot as well, but I still have to wait a bit before I can do yard work..

So my shiraz grape is growing little grapes! woohoo! last year I was too busy with the shop to notice anything plant related really, but this year is great! Also, last year the other grape (the bigger one) was covered in ice and it died. But this year it came back, but now it’s no longer the big vine, but the little vine πŸ™‚

In the raised beds I planted a number of different things. This picture above shows the tiny sprouts of the Indigo Rose, a purple tomato plant. I know I’m a bit late, and I probably should’ve started them in the greenhouse, but it was honestly too cold, and I was too pregnant (and too busy with the shop). They will either make it or not, but at least I planted them πŸ™‚ I also think it’s still early enough in the season to get some ripe tomatoes πŸ™‚

Three rows of spinach. I think I planted them too close so I might have to thin them out. I guess I’ll see what happens πŸ™‚

tri-colore beets!

tricolore onions

and tricolore carrots! I can’t wait to see what happens here!

here’s my patch of kohlrabi. I don’t really know why I planted these.. I like them, but it’s not really something we eat a lot. I guess it’s a fun experiment πŸ™‚

a row of red cherry tomatoes and a row of yellow cherry tomatoes. The yellow ones are very active, but I’m not sure about the red ones. I guess they might need more time, either way, I think I have enough tomato plants to fill this spot πŸ™‚

In the last bed I planted garlic. I love garlic and I love the sprouts and leaves. yum!

The center of the yard will be covered with grass. I haven’t had the time to order it just yet, with Melina’s birth and all, but in the coming weeks I’ll hopefully have enough time to order the grass matts and to roll them out. I’ll first need to get rid of some weed before rolling (and levelling), but I think I’m noticing a tiny broccoli sprout!

Like I said, there will be yarn! I’ve picked this project back up and I’m not doing anything else until I finish the yellow. Then there’s a deadline project I need to finish, and then I’m going to finish this stole before doing anything else. I started out with a very basic, steel crochet hook (you know the ones), but these clover amour crochet hooks are so much more comfortable! I switched and I’m not switching back πŸ™‚

It’s such a nice difference for my hands, but also for the progress. I no longer have a death grip on my project, and as a result it totally shows in the stitches πŸ™‚

Hopefully next blog post I’ll have even more progress to show πŸ™‚

happy knitting/ crochet πŸ™‚

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