well.. you know how real life catches up with you and demands your attention by sitting on you with the weight of a fat sumo wrestler? I’ve spent some time working on schoolstuff and washing fleece besides hanging it out to dry in the sun.

It was my first time washing fleece and I must say I felt pretty overwhelmed by the smell… another thing that took me by surprise was the amount of washes and rinses needed to get the stink (and the goo) out.. I’ll have to re-wash the brown wensleydale but other than that it looks fine enough to me.
So today my cards came in the mail and I thought I’d give it a shot. The (HD; *drooooollll*) pics were made with my new phone (samsung wave; it’s totally awesome). Sorry for the short blog but there’s not much to show due to the slowness on my side.
BFL dandelion in progress
no matter how much I spin it seems like I don’t get any farther 😛

ashford cards

my cards ‘in action’, it’s not an action shot really I just wanted some fleece there 😛


Two years ago I planted some strawberry plant seeds and they grew into a cute plant which gave strawberries, but before they turned a real reddish color the birds snatched them away (awww cuute… ). So the whole time the plant gave pretty fruits the birds were very happy (but we had no strawberries). It appears that now that we have cats the birds are scared to come close (they should… and I’ll show you why 😉 ) so we might taste some of these 🙂


See what happened? Our cats, like apparently many other cats, love to catch flies or.. well any living insect… one jump is all it took.. our poor pretty ikea lamp.. thank goodness they’re cheap 😀


see the guilty face….. I KNOW it was you…. (I can’t prove it tho… I was just in time to see them both run… :P)

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