It seems like my time for blogging and is limited again as the final stage of my (eternal) graduation began this september. By the end of january 2012 I’m hoping to be done with it all and to end the student chapter of my life. This means that the coming few months I’ll probably be very busy and time for blogging and knitting/ spinning will have to be squeezed in between work and studying.

For now some pictures 🙂

As you probably remember I’ve been working on this brown wensleydale for a while now and by now I’m (quickly) running out of yarn to knit. So it was time to start some spinning. I’ve been spinning this on my turkish spindle but I feel the spindle is too light and the fleece too greasy. I’m not keen on washing the fleece again because I don’t mind how it spins at all. So I tried to spin some on my golding and was surprised to learn that it was the perfect match.

I spun this up quicker than I could’ve dreamed and I decided to ply what I already had spun on the turkish so I could ‘start over’ and andean ply from now on.

Because I wasn’t sure about the weight and the meterage I decided to just go ahead and ply what I had and andean ply the rest.

The reason I started spinning this yarn on the turkish was first of all because I only owned the turkish spindle and second because I was afraid the golding would be too heavy for such a thin yarn. I hadn’t counted on the friction the lanolin caused. I also didn’t know this would really help me out when spinning on the golding. Because of it’s weight it would allow for easier spinning because the yarn would be stretching because of gravity and the weight of the spindle, not because I was pulling on it like a mad woman.

I haven’t weighed it yet but it’s about 200 m of yarn. I’m really pleased because, tho I’m not sure I’ll use this yarn for the girasole if it turns out to be too uneven, I’m happy I can continue spinning the rest on my golding and know that it’s going to be just right.

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