uhm.. hi…

the look of shame.. I can’t believe I actually did not post a think in February… I can’t believe I missed my second bloggiversary…..  There’s so much to tell I don’t know where to start.. I actually wanted to start once I found out what I was going to say but today the sun is shining upon my person and I can no longer bear the shame… the burden… so heavy…

I love this blog. I really do.

This is where I come to rant all about the meaningful (and -less) things that go on in my life. Mostly I talk about knitting and sewing and not blogging creates the feeling that I have not been knitting whereas I’ve been struck by the worst case of startitis in a good while…

So let me start at the beginning.. because not blogging is like not venting and I’m losing my mind here…. 😛

The BF and I have been looking for a new place to live. Nothing fancy, just a bit closer to the people we care about. I’m still working on my graduation but I should be done somewhere at the end of 2011 so we started looking for apartments. So we found a great place we’d like to live in, and which is available in June. So I’ve been busy working and studying and somehow this new change made me forget about blogging. We’re so excited about the new place it’s all we’ve been thinking about… how to decorate it.. how we’re going to plan things with my graduation and all.. weirdly enough.. no stress 😛

So no stress means no stressknitting.. on top of that we started watching Dexter… I don’t know about you guys but I simply cannot knit when I’m watching Dexter… bahh.. 😛

Yes btw.. to add a little more fun to this busy time.. I’m helping my parents redecorate their home….

slight remoddeling

you know.. just a little redecorating.. removing two windows and replacing them by sliding doors, adding some floor radiation heating, replacing the bathroom and refurbishing once this is done.. Sorry for the blurry picture.

Visiting the frogpond

I reviewed some projects and decided that some UFO’s would have to go.. this one would be one of those projects. I used to buy patterns because I fell in love with them, but forgot about being practical and reading some reviews. This was one of the things that I would actually never wear. It’s not something that fits the stuff in my wardrobe.. and the pattern was a total pain.

Skew.. the unfinished original

I finally started the second sock of Skew. I now know exactly why it took me so long to start knitting this one. The yarn is really kind of sucky. I know it’s my own handspun yarn and maybe I should take a bit more pride in knitting my own handspun yarn but really… really this stuff sucks and it hurts my hands knitting it. It’s overspun and really not that great.. I’ll finish it.. but not right now.. 😛 some day..

lilirious' progress at first design :)

Yes! sleeves! I’m still loving this pattern (sorry even tho it’s my own and even tho I’m using the TSM), but the yarn is still not really comfortable to knit with. It’s nice and soft but the tweediness of the yarn makes it really annoying for knitting. Maybe it’s just me.. but it really makes my hands hurt. So this too will have to wait a while.

lilirious' progress at first design :)

I hate that I love this pattern so much… I love how it’s turning out…


Obviously I couldn’t resist.. that you see here is absolute proof that this Wirba acrylics yarn called Ella is actually quite nice. It’s confirmed by the kitty… 🙂

Humble beginnings of a Tangled Yoke cardigan (with steeks)

Since it’s kitty-approved I’ll give you some background info on it. When I saw the Tangled Yoke cardigan by Eunny Jang I knew I had to have it. However I hate knitting bottom-up. I really really hate knitting back and forth and I really don’t like patterns that are very detailed in their description.


I’m sorry if I’m horrible but I hate how the pattern has been written…. it’s really way too detailed and the column sizes…… really…? I understand that from a graphical point of view it looks good but.. really…?


Ok.. anyway the pattern is awesome but I wanted something very cheerful ‘cos I’m done with all the darkness and I’m in desperate need of some sunlight. So I bought 3 balls of this Wibra yarn and started knitting. With steeks in front (because I hate back and forth knitting) and obviously with a different gauge because I hate blindly following patterns. This way I can just wing it until I’m at the part where I can add the sleeves and yoke. I’m knitting this with acrylics because the yarn is cheap and I won’t mind if this experiment goes horribly wrong (this is what happened last time). I’ll be sure to keep you updated on this adventure 😉


I had mentioned my case of startitis right? Here’s my attempt at the Truffle Cardigan. I’m knitting this with Lidl yarn and I’m loving the look. I can’t wait to see how it turns out, tho it’s really typical to start winterknitting when it’s almost spring… oh well..

Skew revisited :)

Yup.. that’s another Skew.. I stated above I hated the dandelion yarn.. so I tried to knit one of these in the sockyarn I do really like. Turns out I really don’t hate the pattern.. I just really hate the handspun.. who knew.

Francie socks for BIL

All of the sudden it was my BIL’s birthday.. and I didn’t know what I should give him. So I did the first thing I think every sock knitter thinks of.. I cast on for a sockpattern I knew I really liked. I knew my BIL’s feet are bigger than my BF’s so I knit these with bigger needles and hoped for a miracle.. well.. they’re going to fit alright.. I’m still not done.. I’m embroiding a something really geeky on them first. (Yes.. his birthday was in February and they’re not done yet.. I already explained why).

I think I’m forgiven when I say that after these socks I didn’t feel like knitting socks for a while.. and then I cast on for two.. lol

So what I’m trying to say with so many pictures is: I’m back 😉 missed me? I sure missed you!

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