Triplo FO action

Dear January,

I know I haven’t been posting a lot in 2013, so to make up for that I decided to post a triple FO post. (That or I can’t keep up with the posts).

Meet the Cozy Bottle.

It’s a bottle cozy for your hot water bottle, and in my case it might actually be the thing that saves another hot water bottle from becoming a kitty scratch fest.

You an choose between this pattern and another patter, and there are two size options. It’s a great project to use leftover yarns, in total it weighs about 100 grams. I love this little cozy! It’s so nice and soft, also the colors really match my couch 😀

The second FO is none other than Strokkur. I finished it a while ago, but I had to sew on some extra buttons. It’s already my favorite cardi ever and I’ve been wearing it a lot!

Unfortunately for me it’s not cold here yet, but I read that we might get some colder temperatures about next week or so.

I really like the way it turned out! I usually find sweaters and cardi’s a bit too short, so I made the bottom part (before the decreases) about 10cm longer. I also made the sleeves longer and added a hole for my thumb (I’ll show this another time, I don’t have a picture yet).

It’s great because now it’s also a fingerless mitt-sleeve when I’m on the bike 🙂

The pattern is very easy to follow, but most importantly, I loved the endless stockinette. I really do like it strangely enough. It’s comforting I guess 🙂

The third FO I’d like to show you is my pair of vanilla socks 🙂

The only thing that’s vanilla about these socks is the pattern (because there’s not really a pattern). The self striping/ patterning Drops Fabel makes it so awesome 🙂

So much awesome. I love knitting socks.. in fact.. I love it so much.. I already cast on for another pair..

Meet Gaudi socks part 3. I knitted a pair for the BF a while ago, but I accidentally threw them in the washer. Not a very big problem, but I noticed that Drops Delight tends to shrink. (I know, it’s not sock yarn, even though it’s being marketed as such). So I decided to knit a pair with schoppel wolle sock yarn (in white) and drops fabel in red-ish..

I’m already nearly done with the first sock, (I took this picture yesterday morning).. Gotta love knitting socks man.. 🙂

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