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I think nobody notices but my blog has been down for a few days due to a blown mailserver on my hosts part. I noticed how bad it was when I couldn’t even post that I was experiencing technical difficulties after trying to post something and failing miserably…:)

There’s so much to talk about and so much to tell so I guess this post will be a ‘photoblog’ kind of post πŸ™‚

Well as you’ve probably notices two kittens reside in casa lilirious since this fall and a xmas tree would be asking for trouble… Kiwi and Noodles are both very active and, like kittens do, love to play around with anything that can roll or fall.. or break.. (lol). So this year we settled for some nice decorative and kitten-proof xmas decorations. And no tree.

P1010022 P1010023P1010025

And for once, like everywhere else, it snowed πŸ™‚ Usually when it snows there’s always something wrong with the snow. Either it doesn’t snow at all, or it’s very wet, or it freezes over or a combination of all of these things. But this year it snowed for two days straight and plunged Rotterdam into a fairy tale.








Our kittens can’t go outside since we live on the 3d/ 4th floor and they won’t be able to get back up again, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play with the snow right? Our balcony isn’t kitty-proof yet and has some places for them to escape through or to fall down, so we couldn’t let them play there… instead we made a snow-box for them to play with πŸ˜€


After poking the snow Kiwi decided she hated it and didn’t bother to come close anymore. Noodles however, thought the snow was the best thing since sliced bread and went craaazy πŸ™‚


There’s nothing better than knitting while it’s snowing *hard* outside πŸ™‚ I completely suck at fair isle knitting but I gave it a go. The left one is my first and the right one is my second ever mitten πŸ˜› I fell in love with selbu mittens while doing these and I’m going to try to become really good at knitting them πŸ˜€

test selbu mittens

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