Triple FO!

This is going to be a long post! I’ve been away for away for a while and I have much to talk about! Let me first say I didn’t mean to stay away for so long, but there was nothing I could really do about it. I graduated on the 20th of April and I’ve spent the past few weeks getting myself organized (and I’ve also been sleeping a lot). It’s an odd feeling to not have deadlines looming ahead and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

I’ve also been doing a lot of cleaning. As you may know we moved last year, but because of all the stress and work I haven’t been able to clear all the boxes (and there’s a lot of them). So I’m working on all those things right now. There’s two rooms I need to re-organize and a whole lot of crap I need to throw away.

I’ve been away, but I haven’t stopped knitting ofcourse. I’ve got three FO’s to show you and some other things 🙂

It’s finally done! It was ready for queensday so I spent the evening before and the actual day itself wearing this. The weather was fantastic so we all had a great time.

I chose to knit this cardigan with a little ease so I could wear it comfortably. I really don’t like loose fitting clothes, but I consider this cardigan to be my yo-yo cardigan *wink*.

The zipper was a pain because of the garter stitch (and the super fine malabrigo merino). Last time I sewed a zipper I messed it up horribly, so I didn’t dare sew it again myself. Thankfully Super Mom came to my rescue and helped me out 🙂

This is a little FO too, but it doesn’t really count. I found a bread machine for 2 euro’s and it’s working juuust fine. This here is a poppy seed bread (that turned out quite yummy)

The second (actual) FO:

I named them magic potion socks because of the color, but also because I thought they’de be mine. I knit this pair with smaller needles because I thought that’d help, but even in an unwashed state they fit my dad’s feet better than mine. So I decided to knit another pair but to use a ‘standard’ toe instead of following the pattern. I love the pattern and it’s really pretty but somehow I can’t follow the pattern and think for myself so it’s really (!) not the pattern, it’s me. But I noticed that this was an actual possibility. The next pair *will* be mine.

The final FO is here and I love it. The pattern is capucine and it’s my new favorite hat pattern. I love everything about this pattern and I know I’ll knit another one for this winter. This one is knit with a double held drops delight and classic alpaca to make it a little bulkier. I haven’t attached the tassles yet because I wasn’t sure if I wanted them or not. I’m still not sure..

I’ve also been working on some other stuff

So this here is a destashing gone wild. I was looking for a project to use all the leftover drops delight (and other yarns) for and I found a pattern called firenza. I started making granny squares and before I knew I was out of drops delight… This picture was taken a few days ago and by now I have a lot more squares. I’ve collected a number of yarns I’m going to use for this project and I’ve put them in a little plastic bag. Each time I grab one and start crocheting granny squares until I run out of yarn. It’s soothing and addictive at the same time, but if you combine it with book 4 of ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ you’ve got more than just a stew goin’… (reference: search for Carl Weathers).

It’s so bad I’m even trying to finish these mitts so I can claim the leftover handspun… (if any)

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  1. Some seriously wonderful FOs…wow! That cardigan is yum. You have quite the eye for color combos.
    Yeah to homemade bread, it looks delish.
    Good luck with the cleaning. When you are done will you come over and help me?

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