the space invaders knit without a name… wip

In order not to clog my FO post with other wips and rants I’m double posting today.. yea my blog my rulez! w00t!

Anyways, I’ve seen this super cute pattern on ravelry called Le Lapin Noir by Canary Sanctuary. I really like the pattern because I’ve been looking for a sweater with a square shaped neck instead of a V-neck.
Though I must say I feel like I can’t just follow the pattern and re-create it. I need to put some of me in there…

space invader shirt

space invader pattern

space invader research

Yea.. space invaders is a part of me.. it will always be! it’s myyy preciouuussssss……

Anyhoo.. here’s what I’m going to do.. a while ago I bought me two balls of rowan tapestry (colorway=rainbow) and I’m combining this with the black acrylic my grandma added to my stash..
I’m knitting the pattern of Le Lapin Noir, but I’m chaning the gauge to my yarn and I’m chaning the argyle pattern to my space invaders pattern, which will be done with the Rowan Tapestry yarn… I can’t wait to see how this turns out.. either it’s going to be super pretty.. or a super disaster… 😛

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