The sock is a lie…

I can’t remember ever giving up after so short a time.. but this time I did.

kalajoki wip

This was the first attempt at knitting the Kalajoki socks in the softest acrylics I had lying around. They weren’t supposed to be for me, that’s the whole reason I knit them in acrylics. I wanted to knit my grandmother something nice to keep her feet warm while she sleeps, but my poor grandmother has a severe allergy for anything that sheds even the slightest bit. So’s also allergic a lot of other things that would all together make a nice wool sock rather impossible.

kalajoki wip

Another problem that caused the failure is the fact I didn’t want to ask her for her exact size, since it was supposed to be a present… so both attempts (the orange one and the grey one) both became way too big) I wanted to knit a ‘simple’ sock for my grandmother so I wouldn’t be too bummed when it didn’t fit her.. but this was insane.. I could fit 1,5 foot in here 😛

kalajoki wip

See I’m no Da Vinci but I do know my foot (which is about my grandmothers size) can’t be that much bigger than my hand when in my hands my socks usually feel much smaller….. so I tried to fit it.. and yes.. it was way too big..


But I think the most important reason for me to quit was the fact that acrylics is really no fun to knit.. It hurt my hands and wrists, and since I need those for my schoolwork I gave up on them. I had some other sockyarn lying around but didn’t feel like knitting another set of socks with the 2,5mm needles because I just don’t have that many and I promised my BF to knit him another pair.

So I had the choice to mix the white with the alpaca I had lying around or a blue with the malabrigo lace I had left from my shipwreck shawl.


I decided I liked the blue more than the white and started knitting. At the moment I’m knitting a slipped stitch heel (not in the pattern) of the first sock 🙂

kalajoki wip

It feels so incredibly soft and warm I can’t wait to wear these socks on my cold feet 🙂


Between all the knitting and schoolwork I forget to blog about the progress. I love blogging about the progress because that’s what I’ll forget about once the knitting is done. Most knitting projects I’ve finished have been given away and I feel the need to knit some things for myself now (and the BF ofcourse). I’m kinda done giving away knits for now.

The above picture is how I do my homework.. or try to that is.

knotty gloves wip

An older picture.. by now I’m almost done with the left glove and can’t wait to have them finished. I havent weaved in the ends yet because I’m not sure if they’ll need some adjusting. The pinky seems to be a bit too short so I might have to go in and make it a bit longer. I love this pattern because it’s exactly what I hoped it would be, it’s soft, nice and warm and very pretty 🙂

And tho it’s a bit late I’d still like to share something 🙂


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