the orange explosion…

Do you remember the Mr. Bean episode where he tries to paint his house by covering everything with foil and putting dynamite in the can of paint, and then this guy comes in to grab his hat…. that’s how this post makes me feel 🙂 an explosion of orange! I finally got around to buy me some malabrigo yarn in terracotta and i have to say it’s even better, softer and prettier than I had imagined it to be 🙂 I heard so many good things about it I just had to try some, but unfortunately my student budget only allowed for two hanks and I’m really unsure of what I want to make of it. I’ve been thinking of an Arisaig for a very long time, but I’m definately going to need a lot more yarn if I want to be able to make the whole thing.. and once again… budget.. student.. ouch… 😛
I have to say it’s totally worth it tho!! I’m just whining because I’m a student.. If I had a proper job I would’ve bought 4 or 5 and made the damned Arisaig 😛 But now I’m just not sure 🙁 Maybe I should make it and then next month buy two more? I’ll have to see how it goes I guess 😀

It’s orange! It’s soft! It’s superyaaarnnnnn 😀 w00t!

Soooo, besides the delicious new yarn I’ve got an update on the Sunrise top! It’s allmost done!!! I can’t wait!! I only need to do two more rows of lace and then an inch of 4×4 rib! (yea and add elastic) and then it’s all done!!!

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