the good and the bad..


I don’t have sun in the winter because of the big appartment block in front of my house, but throughout the rest of the year it’s supersunny and a great way to enjoy the reading that has to be done for the final thesis. So this here is how I study 🙂 ahhh this is the student life I tell you..

So as the title implies there’s good news and bad news, and since I’m in a very happy kind of mood I’ll start with the good 🙂

Deep V argyle vest wip

Remember the  Deep V argyle vest by Eunny Jang? It seems to be growing and the more it grows the more I’m liking it 🙂 Obviously it’s quite typical to start something like this when the crazy winter is about to end and spring is showing its face 🙂

-while writing this post my lazy 7 mo. kitty Kiwi managed to fall of the windowsill while sleeping.. walked for a foot and then went to sleep again.. I lol’d-

Back to the vest: I usually adapt a pattern to my own size, even if there’s a given size, mainly just to check so I won’t have to rip back my shirt in order to get it right after a week of knitting :p But with this one the size was actually quite correct for me so there was no need to mess with the calculations (for which I am very grateful). So this has turned out to be one of the easiest knits since I started knitting in the first palce. Now I’m sure the difficult part will definately come up when I reach the steeks but so far so good right? 🙂

Deep V argyle vest wip

Another little update on the Hemlock ring blanket by Jared Flood. I really love the pattern and it makes the yarn look good as well.

Hemlock ring blanket wtf

There’s just one little problem.. while knitting the 55th row of the pattern repeat I noticed one of the repeats took me way more time than the others. I knit this pattern while reading and feel my way up to the stitchmarkers but this one seemed to take forever so I thought I had missed one, but when calculating I realized this one was just huge..

Hemlock ring blanket wtf

what the hell?! I started counting all of the yo’s in each of the good ones and found out I had made some errors during the row with the 16 YO’s.. but this mutant part had mistakes from the row with 12 yo’s. In fact, I had skipped the row with 14 yo’s and moved to 16 and then directly to 18 yo’s… WHYYYYY?!?!?!

so yea.. I frogged the whole piece back to the second row of 16 yo’s and decreased 3 stitches in the mutant freak of nature part… Though I’m really bummed about having to rip this far back I’m happy because this might mean I have 2 extra rounds to go with the yarn I’ve spared 😀 w00t!


malabrigo terracotta & botticelli red

It’s a very bad picture but this is me testing the colorcombination of Malabrigo terracotta and botticelli red 🙂

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  1. khili ghashange age ino bebafi,dige mitoni tarh ghali (farsh) ro ham rahat bebafi. chi mikhad beshe ba astin? male khodete?

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