The Crazy Cat Lady

I’m  pretty sure that I’m becoming a crazy cat lady. I’m not sure if there are actual requirements, but if there are any, I’m pretty sure I’m qualified..

I like living with cats (and bunnies). It’s very odd to me to be in a house without cats. So let me tell you about my cats and how they deal with my fiber related stuff..

there you are!

Let me tell you about this one sunday morning when I decided to sit down for 5 minutes to enjoy some knitting in the sun. This picture is made less than 2 minutes after me sitting down and grabbing my knitting. My cats are total snobs when it comes to where they sleep. If it’s handspun or handknit, they will sleep on it. But Lopi is something else completely. They absolutely love sleeping on Lopi.

there you are!

I couldn’t knit this project without a cat jumping on it and giving me the evil eye.. let. the. knitting. go. it’s my bed now! 😛

It’s very unwise to leave any kind of knitting unattended.

there you are!

This is what happens when you leave your knitting to get yourself some coffee.

there you are!

No coffee for me T.T

This behavior is not only limited to knitting and knitted objects. It also spreads to spinning. This is how normal people spin:


This is how I spin:


It works because the cat is nice and warm. The weight is actually comfortable as well, the only drawback is the way you hold your arms and shoulders… 😛

I’m happy that my cats also show ‘normal’ cat behavior, such as stealing your nice warm chair when you get up to get a drink 🙂


I live with cats, my cats sleep on yarn, and I keep bunnies so I can spin their fur.. Crazy cat lady signing off x 🙂


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