The big O.N.E

Dear Ma’iq,

Let me start by saying I’m so proud of you, my cute little nini is growing up! You’re so impatient with everything, it’s almost like looking at myself haha. You want to go out, and explore the world. You want to talk to every person you meet, and you greet them with that adorable 1,5 toothed smile of yours. You’re such a huge fan of your mama it makes me feel so incredibly lucky to have you <3

Thank you for choosing us, and thank you for giving me the kick I needed to get off my butt and start doing something with my life. As corny as it sounds (and probably is), you make the BS fade away and bring the important things into the foreground. Thank you for bringing everything into perspective and showing me what’s truly important in my life.

When I think about last year, I think about the best day of my life. The day I got to meet you, and we didn’t even know each other then! I was pretty high because of the medication, but even then I was so super excited to meet you! Then a tiny, warm, wet bundle of nini (=baby) was placed on my belly and I could only see a lot of dark hairs sticking out haha.

Over the months we got to see your bubbly and awesome personality. You know what you want and how you want it, and you will make sure we all know what it is haha.

I can’t wait to see more little guy 🙂 I can’t wait for all the amazing fun we’re going to have together <3 Thank you for being you 🙂

Happy birthday <3



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