TdF: day.. everything between day 2 and the present….

This is horrible.. I have been spinning mind you, but I’m so behind I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make it… :'( I’m actually pretty sad about it, but on the other hand, the weathers been so great the past few weeks I’m not ashamed to say I spent a lot of my time outside the house (away from my fleece and yarn). Tho it may not be a lot I have actually spent some time spinning and especially thinking about ways to improve my spinning. The last few posts about spinning I’ve mentioned things about my ratio and wanting to speed things up as it was getting rather frustrating. So first I maimed one of the three bobbins I have to see what it would do. The result was fine but rather irregular so I started thinking some more and found a nice little solution:


You’ll need a few of these first…

Foto0267and these…


and then you’ll get something that might resemble this:

Foto0263so what do you think? Isn’t it pretty? 😛 so the holes in the wood part are a little bit bigger than the thingy that goes in it so there’s room for rotation but it can’t move the way it shouldn’t move.  Anyways, this little baby has a ratio of 1:10 so I can say I’m pretty darn pleased 🙂 The little bit of spun stuff is a bit of the wensleydale I have from my birthdaypresent. I wasn’t planning to spin it all, just to try and see how it would go. It works like a charm (tho it does look kinda cheap).

Besides thinking I’ve also been spinning some alpaca and tho I’m not as far as I’d hoped I’d be but its progress none the less 🙂

alpaca 200gr

There’s another reason for why the spinning was so slow, at first I was carding the alpaca to create neat little rolags for spinning, but after a while I stopped. I spin with the longdraw method and the rolags weren’t very helpfull because they got all clumpy.. :S The uncarded fleece however spins up niceley so I might actually make some progress here 🙂

kitties & fur

So here’s some shamless advertising.. (above is a picture of my kitty Noodles in her favorite box) I’m not connected with these people in ANY way nor am I making money off of this but I just HAVE to tell you this: this is the best invention ev-ahhh! It’s for all of you who have kitties, bunnies or doggies and it’s called: the FURminator.. yea lols

So you might now that I’ve been saving up kittyfur to spin me a nice pair of mittens for some winter, but that winter might actually be this winter instead of in a distant future… my kitties are shedding like you wouldn’t believe and there’s kittyfur everywhere in this house.. but then today I discovered the furminator and in one day I doubled my stash of kittyfur…..

kitties & fur

there’s a bigger one for doggies I believe but this one caught a lot of kittyfur for me in a few strokes… so here’s the stash upgrade:

kitties & fur

this is what I harvested today…. and I just got it 3 hours ago…. all of this fur could’ve landed on my carpet….. 😐 this stuff is everywhere man….

kitties & fur

this is my total stash of kittyfur… I have short haired cats (as you can see above) and it takes a while to harvest a nice load of mitten worty fur.. I’m just so scared it’ll felt before I’m ready to spin this stuff… :'(

Anyways, you might’ve noticed but the artblog is back in business and there’s a link to it at the top of the page called ‘sketches’. On this blog you’ll find my drawings and sketches and maybe later some more artstuff 🙂 If you’re too lazy to move your cursor to the link above you can click HERE to get there.

So last but not least: I’ve also been knitting because it was too hot to spin but not too hot to knit.. am I making sense?


The pattern is creature comforts cardi and it’s knit in the handspun Dandelion I had finished a few posts back. This version was knit in a bigger size so I frogged it and reknit it. When I was plying this yarn I had underspun the whole thing, causing it to untwist and to break at some points, I was a bit traumatized by this and so I rather overspun the n-ply on the BFL.. I think this is the reason that the yarn is a little bit scratchy. I’ve heard BFL is supposed to be very soft but it’s actually not that soft.. I’m still hoping it’ll get a bit softer after it’s been washed but I’m not keeping my breath. I don’t mind that much anyway because it’ll be my first BIG project using my handspun and I’m proud no matter what 🙂


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