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Another day, another log. The last few days I’ve been occupied with combing and/ or picking open the washed locks of Wensleydale x Gotland fleece. It’s a very slow progress so far and I haven’t completely figured out the best way to do it. Also while picking the locks I figured I should think about the best way to spin the fleece before I’m done with all of it. So far I had three piles of sorted, combed fleece but I didn’t know which one would spin up best. So I decided just to spin some of the combed fleece up to see how it would look. Also I’m trying to get a DK weight yarn and it would be good to see how the prepped fleece would work out. I tried to make a roving by slowly pulling some of the fleece out and roll it up so I had a little ball.

I want the yarn to end up as a 3ply because of the sturdiness and the fact that I won’t have to be thinking about how to distribute the singles on different bobbins and end up with more or less on one.. πŸ˜›

I want to knit this drops design jacket.

drops design jacket

I really love the pattern and how it looks, the only thing is that I need 600 grams of DK weight yarn and I need to get it as even as possible because I don’t want to have any ‘weak spots’ in the jacket that’s supposed to keep me warm :p


I tried to be prepared by making a roving so I wouldn’t have to try spinning the weight ‘on the fly’, but would be somewhat prepared. Tho apparently it didn’t really matter much because it’s still quite thin. It’s a small step towards success but there’s a lot of room left for practice. I’m really having a difficult time right now… See I thought I was doing good.. look at the singles.. aren’t they shiny? It’s such yummie yarn already I want to eat it πŸ˜€ *drool*


But once it’s plied it loses a lot of its shininess and turned out to be quite thin even tho I did my best to keep it thick.. πŸ˜›


So this is what it looks like all knitted up. I used most of the pee fleece because of its color.. quite strange tho that just a small part of it should be blond… πŸ˜› I started knitting with 4.0mm needles and moved up to 5.0mm and 6.0mm pens.

I need to knit the jacket with 5.0mm because I want to keep my sanity and having a lot of holes in there (like the yellow part to the left) is definately NOT an option for the fall/ winter πŸ˜›


I must say I believe it might take some time but I’ll get there with the DK weight. The 4.0mm fabric looks really nice and since the whole thing is mere stockinette stitch that was all I needed for this swatch (and a little ribbing). So far only the 4.0mm part looks really good. The 5 isn’t half that bad but the 6 really is more lace than stockinette… if I manage to make the yarn a bit thicker the 5 would look much more like actual fabric and would probably be much more windproof.


This is the 5.0/6.0 mm part. The ribbing looked really crappy imo and would probably look much better if the yarn would be thicker and would be knit with smaller needles. I think that if I don’t manage to spin thicker yarn I’ll just have to make a 4ply instead of a 3ply. I don’t know how much thicker that would be but it would probably be enough to fill out the 5.0mm fabric.

I’m not sure if I want to dye the yarn yet or not, I guess I’ll see once I’m done with all the yarn. I want to spin and ply all the needed yarn before starting on the project. Also from now on I want to use the Tailored Sweater Method for all sweatery things I knit.. seriously Tuulia is a genious πŸ˜€

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